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I consider some of the bereaved parents I e-mailed in the early days of my grief to be a lifeline--literally and figuratively.  If you need to reach out to someone who understands the shock, pain, and sorrow of losing a baby, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail:

I have no brilliant wisdom or healing words, but sometimes all you need to hear is I know.  Me too. And that I can say.

I'm also happy to offer my opinion on book recommendations, home decor choices, shoe purchases, toddler clothing, cloth diapering, St. Louis living, and pet ownership.  So don't be a stranger.

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  1. Hi Brooke,
    My husband and I lost our beautiful baby girl 6 weeks and 6 days ago to what they think was a cord accident. Before leaving the hospital we were connected with an organization in Northern Colorado called Three Hopeful Hearts. They put together a care package for us and included in this package was the book, Three Minus One. I read your heart wrenching story about the loss of Eliza and I want you to know how moved I was by your words. Tennessee Williams is one of my favorite authors yet I never knew the epitaph on his grave until I came across your story. I hope that my baby Scarlett can and will be the violets that break through the stones of grief and anger that my husband and I share. Thank you for being so candid about your thoughts and feelings. Losing a child is by far the worst trauma a parent can go through and it seems too few people ACTUALLY talk about it. As you know, there is no road map to grief, but seeing that you and your husband have actually survived this horrific tragedy gives me hope-hope that my husband and I can make it through this storm. Thank you.