Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A New Focus

This pandemic has certainly highlighted what is most important and where we want to invest our JB time and energy. It’s v true that without our health there is little else that really matters. After spending all of this time at home with my family, I’m also finding a real rhythm in overseeing the girls’ schoolwork.

There is something so satisfying about setting up baking soda and vinegar science experiments—mess be damned! Or feeling especially proud when my second grader negotiates a few more minutes of screen time—because this time it’s a math game on her chrome book.

David and I started talking about this idea last week, but today things really fell into place. After the traumatic closing of my campus and the transition to a new job, this quarantine has illuminated for me where I really want to be. It has surprised me perhaps more than anyone, but we are going to move forward on this new adventure of home schooling until the girls start high school! I’ll be teaching them everything and we’ll never spend any time apart! It just feels like the right thing for our family since we all thrive on a lack of structure.


Did you already guess this was an April Fools post?

No disrespect to those who choose to homeschool—I have some good friends who do! I know it works for some families, so good on them. And there really are parts that are fun. But whew. After an emotional stand off with Zuzu regarding how much she can use the chrome book (even doing math games), I am spent for the day. We continue to be philosophically and actually committed to public schools! No foolin’.

I realized belatedly today that I showed up on Coco’s kindergarten zoom session wearing a shirt that says “Big Labia Energy.” Fortunately it was written in cursive, so probably only the teachers could read it?

Old pic of Zuzu. Popped up on my phone and just thought I’d share.


  1. I've homeschooled my teenagers for their entire lives - my immediate reaction to your joke, which I was confident was some kind of breakdown bc I had no idea what day it was (April fools? I thought it was like, April 4th? Ha), was to try to find a figurative way to jump in front of you, as if to take a bullet, while screaming, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" So add that to your philosophical support of public school! 😄 Also absolutely sending the 8 year old to school for the first time this fall - fingers crossed school happens this fall!

    All I really want to know is where you got that shirt!!?? That's absolutely fantastic!!

    1. Bahahaha some kind of breakdown is about right! The shirt was a gift from my brother--I think I saw it on an IG ad.