Friday, September 6, 2019


Coco has been counting down the days to G turning four months old like we were going to have a huge party and a ticker tape parade or something. Every morning at school she'd give her teachers the update, "Genevieve turns FOUR MONTHS OLD in THREE MORE DAYS." Her friend Evelyn's mom told me that Evelyn solemnly announced to her that Genevieve was going to be four months old soon. The other day when I picked up Coco, one of the teachers was trying to comfort a child who had fallen and hurt himself. He was sobbing and the teacher was kneeling next to him. Coco was next to the teacher, her hand on the teacher's shoulder, patiently waiting her turn to talk. The teacher turned to Coco between sobs from the other kid, assuming she needed something urgent. Coco said, "Genevieve is going to be four months old tomorrow!"

Apparently this milestone is a Very Big Deal.

Definitely worthy of some photos, anyway.

It hit me today, as I cleared off my desk and stacked the stickers numbered for each month in her first year, that we've already gone through one sheet of stickers. We are 1/3 of the way through G's first year. In just a few weeks she'll be sitting up on her own, then scooting or crawling... I mean, I know it goes fast, but living it still leaves me kind of breathless.

The other day at an art fair, an older lady asked me how old G was and then commented on how tiny she was and asked if she was a premie. I said yes, but I was kind of taken aback since she's been at the higher end of growth percentiles without adjusting for the three weeks early arrival. But then today a grandma at Coco's preschool, who had a charming foreign accent I couldn't quite place, asked to see the baby and asked how hold she was and then exclaimed, "Oh my God! So big! Four months?!"

So I think it's pretty subjective.

She feels huge to me, filling out her carseat and her bassinet where she was once just the teensiest ball of baby, wearing size six-months clothes, and still not really rolling over much. She's still only done it a couple of times since her dramatic debut of rolling skills in the middle of the table at a faculty meeting. I'm trying to make sure she gets lots of floor time and tummy time in between the times she spends in a carseat getting carted around to sisters' schools and activities!

I'm looking forward to the coming months as she gets even more active and engaged, although I'm dreading policing legos and tiny toys as potential choking hazards! Just when the dog has (mostly) stopped chewing, the baby will start!

Zuzu asked me to have lunch with her at school today. Eating lunch in a grade school cafeteria has absolutely zero appeal to me. But she asked and was really sweet about it, so I'm going to oblige. My other plans for today include cleaning the bathroom and a trip to the farmers market to buy stone fruit and eggs.

A few other things on my mind:

If you're looking for a podcast to get you feeling more motivated and organized on the home front, I've been tuning in to The Lazy Genius. Her tagline is that she helps you to be "a genius about the things that matter, and lazy about the things that don't." I like that concept of prioritizing, and her thoughts on things like routines and efficiency. A lot of it is directed toward people with kids, but not all of it.

I can't stop eating peaches and plums. Which makes me think of this William Carlos Williams poem. And the many delicious parodies. #sorrynotsorry

I am loving this book, and it's great for reading in small doses: I Miss You When I Blink

I'm still thinking about this essay. I don't know Chris, but our time at Wash U overlapped, so our paths must have crossed at some point. His writing is stunning.

Finally, Pedal the Cause is coming right up! Zuzu and Coco are riding in the kids race again this year--but this time WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS! That's a big deal, folks. We are soliciting donations that go directly to Pedal, which funds seed research projects at Siteman Cancer Center and Children's Hospital here in St. Louis. We're asking people to consider making a $10 donation ($5 to each girl or $10 to each girl, if you can swing it). Their goal is to raise $300 each. Every little bit helps, and we would really appreciate your support. We're riding in honor of my friend Beth again this year, and you can find out more about our team here: The Mud and the Muck.

You can donate to Zuzu and Coco at the following links:



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  1. I know it's how genetics works, but it's always astonishing to see how much siblings look alike while still looking like their own person. Genevieve has Coco's round face and Eliza's little pouty lips and the same upturned nose as her other sisters. Beautiful. :)

    Oh that William Carlos Williams poem... We spent an entire poetry class period in college arguing about what it meant, with half the class arguing it was a sexual allegory and half the class arguing it was a straightforward poem about a shameless fruit thief. :) I was in the latter camp, so it always makes me happy to see parodies. They always seem to have more meaning than the actual poem to me.