Friday, November 2, 2018

Quick Halloween Recap

Just a few things I want to remember about Halloween this year...

I was so unmotivated on the actual day of Halloween. It was chilly and rainy and even when the rain stopped it just felt damp. It is getting dark so early (I'm already over it) and by the time David got home and we all had dinner, it was after 6pm. We had talked about driving back in to our old neighborhood because it is the BEST when it comes to trick or treating (everyone goes all out and all the houses are so close together, it's maximum candy per square foot), but suddenly that felt like too big of an undertaking. Our street is really quiet, so I suggested we drive over to the next street, which is a much larger subdivision and trick or treat there.

We started at my friend Lisa's house, which was fun, and we also immediately ran into a little girl from Zuzu's class at school, her dad, and her four-year-old sister. The girls immediately paired up and decided to trick or treat together. The dad also ended up being super nice, and I was like a third wheel as he and David were both in costume (David was Thing One from school that day--his assistant principal had been Thing Two) and the other dad was a Jedi knight because his daughter was Rey from Star Wars. (He had told his daughters that if one of them dressed up as something other than a Disney princess that he would dress up too. LOL.)

I already posted this on Instagram, burt Coco was not too sure about David's costume. She asked if he was really going to wear it and when he said yes, she said, "NO. People will think you're different." I think she meant that people wouldn't recognize him? But I just told her, "Honey, your daddy is a little different."

Anyway, Hermione Granger and the little black kitty cat had a blast running around with Rey and a  fairy with light up wings. The houses being spread out enough (with not every porch light on) meant that the girls actually did a fair amount of running and we hustled to keep up with them. The rain held off (it started misting/spitting at the end) and the girls fully participated in the St. Louis tradition of telling a joke to get a piece of candy.

Zuzu's joke was: How do you get a tissue to dance?

Answer: You put a little boogie in it.

Her friend's joke was: Why did the music teacher need a ladder?

Answer: To reach the high notes.

The little sisters mostly got out of joke-telling but were happy to shout trick or treat and mostly remembered to say thank you.

Coco got pretty worn out at the end and started lagging behind. The other girls' dad asked them to wait on Coco and Zuzu's friend said, "Oh, Coco, I'm sorry we left you in the dust!" which made me laugh. I'd told David I wanted to leave at 7, but it was closer to 7:30 by the time we got back to the car. Coco told me she had enough candy and asked if she could take a little nap in the car! That is a sentence you would never, ever hear her sister speak.

It ended up being a pretty fun little evening, and I was glad that I went even though I was kind of a grumpy pants about the whole thing. (After two Halloween events over the weekend, I was just kind of over it.)

Since Halloween, Clementine has demonstrated she will eat ANYTHING that comes out of a trick or treat bag: candy, spider rings, erasers, and also little ink stampers, which will then get black ink all over the carpet. That dog is a running, leaping, chewing disaster.

Other November news:
I'm feeling pretty anxious about the upcoming election. The usual vacillation between hope and despair. I'm really concerned about the marginalized communities who it feels are being increasingly targeted. My sister-in-law recently posted a cartoon on Facebook that featured Mary and Joseph fleeing their home country with the baby Jesus and seeking refuge. I'm baffled by the way many Christian groups do not find it part of their calling to open our country to refugees. I know there are lots of excuses and justifications, but the New Testament seems pretty clear on this stuff. UGH RELIGION POLITICS CLIMATE CHANGE FREAKOUT HIDE UNDER BLANKETS I JUST WANT TO GO WATCH FATHER BROWN.

My novel is coming right along (which is why I'm blogging now instead of writing). I'm not sure I'll have a ton of time to work on it this weekend, so I've gotten a bit ahead of the game. Not getting too cocky here! (I still have 45,000 words to write). What I've written is terrible so far--I'm telling rather than showing everything, but I'm getting it all down on paper, and I do think the story I'm telling is kind of interesting (the basic premise is that a girl tells a lie in high school to protect her cousin when he is wrongly accused of murder, and then fifteen years later finds out that her lie protected someone else. She then has to decide whether to lie again, when protecting her cousin will also let the real murderer go free. WHAT WOULD YOU DO??? It's set in a small town and the girl is working at her family's furniture store, so I've been texting my friend Monica (whose family owns a furniture store in my hometown) to ask her questions about what she did at work all day besides just help customers.

Kids are in bed, so I'm off to raid the Halloween candy for the good stuff.

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