Thursday, September 6, 2018

This and That

After a helluva weekend, Tuesday morning went really well. Bedtime was a little rocky, but I try hard to get the girls asleep by 8 and we managed that Monday night. I was feeling better about things as we headed to the car right on schedule on Tuesday. Like maybe I was actually capable of parenting and keeping us on track.

The one hiccup in the morning was that while I was doing that last-minute gathering of all my things (coffee cup, water bottle, lunch bag, school bag) and shuffling it out to the car, Zuzu was standing up on the bench of our entry closet, reaching up for one of the bins on the top shelf. It's a bin full of summer stuff--pool toys, sunscreen, kids sunglasses, hats, etc. It was annoying because there was NOTHING in there they needed, but you know how it is. At the precise moment you are supposed to be getting in the car to go to school, you realize how desperately you need to take a diving ring with you. I asked her to leave the basket alone, she kept pulling stuff out of it, I loaded up the car, and then they headed to the car with a diving ring, a mermaid, and a hand-held fan. I reminded the girls that these items were not to go into school with them and then ushered them into the car with instructions to buckle up while I coaxed the dogs back in the house.

Coco is perfectly capable of buckling herself in her carseat, but when she has on a dress with a long or full skirt, she sometimes struggles. When I got back out to the garage, I opened the back door to help her buckle up. At the same time, she was whining and asking Zuzu to share the pool toys from the basket. Zuzu passed her the hand held fan as I leaned over to snap her seat belt buckle.

And suddenly the fan was in my hair.

With a groaning noise, it twisted up a chunk of hair on the left side of my face. I screamed, Coco dropped the fan, I reached up and grabbed it, turning the switch off.

But it was too late. My hair was snarled up in it. It was pulling at my scalp and I wanted to cry.

Zuzu yelled, "Coco why did you do that?" and I yelled, "No! YOU are the one who got these toys out when I told you that you needed to leave that basket alone!" Then I turned and ran back inside, where I stood in front of the mirror and tried to untangle myself. But time was ticking--we were going to be late for school if I didn't hurry it up--and after getting most of the hair loose, there was a small section that wasn't going anywhere. If I'd had thirty minutes, I probably could have gently teased it out with a comb. But I had about thirty seconds before we were late. So I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the fan out of my hair. Then I threw the fan on the top shelf of another closet, out of sight.

When I got back out to the garage, the girls stared at me wide-eyed and asked what happened. I told them I had to cut my hair to get the fan out.

Coco promptly burst into tears--huge sobs (cutting hair is kind of a trigger for her, lol). So I picked her up and told her it was okay and I knew it was an accident. I really wasn't mad at anybody--I knew she didn't mean to do that and she was as shocked as I was when it happened. The strand of hair I had to cut ended up being pretty small and it blended in easily. But I was annoyed with Zuzu--not for the fan in my hair, but just because I'd asked her to leave the basket alone and she had ignored me and it didn't seem worth the fight so I just kept loading up the car while she kept doing exactly what I had asked her not to do. I really want our mornings to be peaceful, but I also want them to do what I ask, and those two desires can evidently not coexist.


Last night, Zuzu was playing school and Coco was a student named Felicee (fuh-lee-see). Zuzu was Ms. Zimmerman, which is not her teacher's name, but maybe is another teacher at her school? She was so funny, writing a list of student names (Hanre for Henry and Agl for Angel) and putting checkmarks next to the students who were good at drop off and X's next to students who did not have good behavior. (Felicee did NOT have good behavior, according to Ms. Zimmerman.) Then she called all the students names and made them raise their hand if they made bad choices. Then she wanted Felicee to go to the time out corner.

I asked her--somewhat nervously--if her teacher did this, and if her teacher had a time out corner in the room. She laughed and said no like that was the silliest thing she'd ever heard. I'm relieved to hear that's not standard practice in first grade rooms, but I don't know where she's getting this stuff!


Drop off at school in the morning has been hit or miss. Zuzu goes to a before school care program because school doesn't start until 9:05am. She is often very hesitant and there was one terrible morning when she had a total meltdown and the teacher had to hold onto her as I left because she was trying to run after me. (The teacher called me literally 5 minutes later as I was still driving Coco to school to tell me that Zuzu was doing just fine and was making yarn pom poms with some older girls.) Anyway, we haven't had another morning as bad as that, but still lots of extra hugs and clinging and asking me to stay from the kiddo who has walked away from me with hardly a backwards glance for the past two and a half years at her preschool/kindergarten.

This morning, though, as we walked in, another little girl yelled Zuzu's name in greeting and Zuzu did give me an extra hug, but happily dropped her backpack and went to join that girl. I don't know who she is, but I wanted to give HER a hug. That friendly greeting made my day.


Zuzu's school has some different leadership teams and the kids have to list three that they'd like to be a part of. Zuzu chose Yoga Team, Birthday Team, and Dance Team. Her reasons were the best. She wanted to be on Yoga Team "Because I sometimes like to do yoga with my mom but I do my own yoga, not Adriene's." For Birthday Team, she dictated, "I love to celebrate and I think we should have a birthday chair!" And for Dance Team she said, "I am strong and elegant. I have taken a year of ballet."


Speaking of dance, the girls had their first class for the fall yesterday. I had a rough moment because I sat in the preschool dance waiting room and literally half of the moms there were pregnant. There was a LOT of chatting about induction dates and ultrasounds and epidurals and I just still cannot join conversations like that. I was glued to my phone and trying to tune it out. It is hard not to want to join those conversations because it seems to be the quickest connection for mom-friends. Next week, I'll sit in the K1 waiting room.

Both girls were super excited about dance. Zuzu is doing jazz this year and is thrilled about it. Coco got a new leotard and was so proud to show her friends and teachers when we changed her clothes at school. Her toddler leotards from last year were too small so I bought her a size XS (her dance school requires black leotards and pink tights) but it's a little big.


We did move forward with Spanish class instead of music class. Zuzu was adamant she wants Spanish, and the class times conflicted. Plus I just can't do all the things. This is one that the girls can take together, so we'll give it a go.

I did send an e-mail to the daisy troop leader about girl scouts, but I didn't hear back from her, so I think maybe we'll just wait until next year. I joined Brownies as a second grader, so that seems like a fine starting point for Zuzu, too.


Other updates? Clementine is still wild and obnoxious but is settling down a bit. She still has the super annoying habit of jumping up with her front paws to greet you in excitement. I cannot stand this, but I also understand that she's been in her crate all day and is bursting with energy. Cooper and Clem are getting along much, much better and even seem to enjoy each other's company. They get a little territorial over rawhide chews and food, but we haven't had any serious scuffles in weeks. Clem has inspired Cooper to get a little more pep in his step, I think, and he makes the effort to get up on the couch and snuggle with me when Clem is up there, which is very sweet.


Okay... back to work for me. And my new philosophical mantra: Any day that doesn't start with cutting a hand held fan out of your hair is a good day! TM. 

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  1. When my girls were Zuzu and Coco's ages, they'd play school. I remember asking if the way they talked to the students (stuffed animals) was how the teachers spoke to them. They both sort of looked like no, dumb-dumb, but I have never figured out where it would come from. Even the behavior of their students was foreign (though I'm pretty sure that depiction was accurate).