Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Extension

Today is the Monday of my spring break (but no one else's). This is lovely because I get hours to myself, but also will make for some craziness next week when the girls come to work with me one day when we're in between child care (I have students lined up to babysit during my classes and a faculty meeting).

This weekend was a busy and productive one. On Saturday morning, I got up and wrote out my list of things I wanted to get done that day and then proceeded to blow through it LIKE A BOSS. Got my laundry done, did yoga and the elliptical, graded some papers, walked the dog, got through Zuzu's Kumon, got the girls to dance and back, and made huge progress on the cardboard barrel we're creating before going out to dinner with friends to celebrate Carol's birthday. Also I drank a lot of water--the recommended 64 ounces! And so I felt like I spent a lot of the day going to the bathroom.

My productivity was made possible because David took the girls to his school to work with a girl scout troop on cleaning up the yard and putting in a green house. They were gone for four hours. I missed them, but also I had no distractions or interruptions, which was amazing.

On Sunday I made up for my time away by being in full-time mom mode from the time I rolled out of bed and didn't do yoga before church because daylight savings time kicked my a$$ even though I went to bed at a reasonable hour on Saturday. We went to church, then came home and ate lunch, took the girls to JCPenney for Easter pictures (I cannot resist). It was SNOWING like a ridiculous amount even though it was in the 30s so nothing was sticking, but there were huge flakes falling fast and then instant slush and mud on the ground. I took a picture of the girls in Easter outfits in front of the glass door with a blizzard behind them.

At the start of our photo session, I thought we'd hit a sweet spot in ages where the girls would be totally cooperative. Three photos in, I was dragging Zuzu outside the room to threaten her with not attending a birthday party if she didn't go in there and SMILE without squinting her eyes closed and grimacing and she'd better quit being disrespectful about the photographer's time. (Twice a year we do these portraits and twice a year David tells me I'm crazy and twice a year I agree with him, but then the next year I pull out the frames mixed in with holiday decorations that have last year's Christmas or Easter photo in them and I forget everything except how damn cute they are). She ended up being marginally cooperative, but it was maddening. Coco wasn't quite as bad except her fake smile includes a really disturbing vacant expression that the photographer managed to capture multiple times.

After JCP, we dropped David at home and then went to visit Coco's best friend and her new baby brother. The girls played together beautifully and I had a great time chatting with E's parents.

Confession: I didn't hold the baby. He was very sweet and cute and a part of me even wanted to hold him, but I still struggle a little with new babies and this guy was just two weeks old. I said that I was worried about germs and didn't want to expose him to anything, which is true because this winter has been brutal for sickness, though the illnesses at my house have been more inconvenient than worrisome, obviously your concern is heightened when you're talking about a newborn. But also I think I didn't want my heart to ache for another baby and I just didn't want that level of emotion that I feel about babies. KEEP it LIGHT. We had a lot of Sunday to get through.

We left their house to take Coco home and then drive Zuzu to a birthday party at the Magic House. The Magic House is not my favorite attraction in the St. Louis area. Don't get me wrong--it's cool. But it's always crowded and not easy to keep track of quick-moving kiddos and I had a headache and of the moms I asked at the party, one of them had a single aspirin which I was about ready to CHEW just to remedy the pounding head but swallowed like a normal person with water and it did help but you know how kid birthday parties are... I really like the sweet little girl whose party we were celebrating--one time Coco was teary at drop off and this girl paid such special attention to her and tried to get her to feel better. But even so it was kids running everywhere and I was lugging around two coats and a purse and a cup of water and I really wanted to just take a hot bath and go to bed.

But we got home just in time to have our neighbors over for dinner! I'd been looking forward to it. We have really nice neighbors at the bottom of our hill and we share part of a driveway with them and their daughter has babysat for us before. We wanted to get to know them better and they have been so nice since we moved. David put together an amazing meal of smoked tri tip and salmon and twice baked potatoes and broccoli and bread and buttered noodles for the girls. It was really fun, but with the time change and visiting, we ended up not putting the girls to bed until 8pm, which was too late for them. Coco actually asked to go to bed, which was hilarious but also made me feel like a negligent parent! (Also, Zuzu would never, ever ask to go to bed, no matter how exhausted she was. They are so different.)

Anyway, spring break starts today with getting through a stack of grading and a few housekeeping things. Also finishing a cardboard barrel. I'm feeling pretty good about it so far, but we'll see!

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