Friday, March 9, 2018

Conversations with Zuzu and Coco

Scene: Coco shoving a stuffed animal in Zuzu's face.

Zuzu: Coco! The bunny doesn't toot in people's faces! That's RUDE!

* * *

Scene: Coco wonders aloud if she'll be put in a group with her best friend for the upcoming preschool field trip.

Backstory: She recently bit her best friend on the arm because E sat next to the teacher during story time and Coco wanted to sit there and E would not scoot over. We talked a lot about how we only bite food.

Coco: We can't sit together because we bit together. And we are not food!

Zuzu: (matter-of-factly) But we are made out of meat.

* * *

Scene: Driving to school. Contemplating the moon that is still visible in the sky even though the sun is up.

Zuzu: The moon is actually in space.

Coco: I don't like space because it's a long way to fall.

* * *

Scene: Looking through a Disney princess cookbook Zuzu checked out from the library (she's really into the nonfiction section these days). Backstory: David made cupcakes with the girls last week and we didn't have frosting so he tried to improvise and I don't know what he did but the "frosting" he created ruined all of the cupcakes.

David: Well, we can't make that because we don't have those ingredients.

Zuzu: What do we need?

David: Cupcake mix and gummy treats.

Zuzu: Oh, yeah. We can't make that. You make horrible cupcakes with gross frosting.

David: (silent, looks offended)

Zuzu: (shrugs) I'm true.

* * *

Scene: In our kitchen.

Coco: I have to go to the bathroom! I need to pee and poop.

Me: Well, go! You don't want to have an accident.

Coco: I want someone to watch me.

Me: Coco, honey, people don't like to watch other people poop.

Zuzu: (laughing) Oh, Mom. You're so adorable when you say that.


  1. lol.
    I think maybe it's just us that don't like to watch others poop?

    And also, I'm true ;)

  2. I am so with coco, space gives me anxiety.
    We have bears and mountain lions here so I had to convince G they didn’t want to eat us because we eat crap food and would make their bellies hurt. So we’re made of meat, but not quality meat if G is involved in the convo.
    I made a no conversations while someone is pooping rule. I just can’t anymore.