Monday, February 5, 2018

February is the New January

I am not exaggerating when I say that Friday was the first day since January 1 that I felt like my old self in terms of my energy level.

I have therefore declared February the new January and I am starting my new year now, by crossing off tasks like: "Organize cabinets in laundry room" and "Get caught up on laundry."

Listen, after an entire month of wanting to go to bed at 8pm, productivity feels really good.

We had a fun weekend with my parents in town. The girls started ballet and tap, which was super cute. Somehow I didn't get any pictures of them in their outfits, but they were both into it. The dance academy they're going is kind of unusual, because parents can't watch the classes. There is a waiting room, but then instructor closes the door to the dance studio and there aren't any windows to observe. We can hear the instructor (I heard her say, "Good, Coco!" quite a few times #mombrag) but we can't watch. In fact, most parents drop off and come back to pick up at the end of the hour. I felt kind of sad about this for a second, because wouldn't it be nice to watch the cuteness? And then I was like... A free hour on Saturday morning???? I think I can get used to it.

* * *

Zuzu's behavior this past week had lots of room for improvement. And I kept getting reduced to using her best friend's birthday party as leverage, which means I have no idea what I'm going to do this week when I can't threaten to call Gemma's dad and say we're not going to her party.

We just finished reading Ramona the Pest and have moved to Ramona the Brave and my girl Zuzu may be the big sister, but she is definitely more Ramona than Beezus.

{Insert the inevitable curiosity about the kind of Beezus Eliza might have been...}

Coco has been observing Zuzu's behavior closely, particularly when Zuzu gets in trouble, and after we have scolded Zuzu, Coco will pipe up, "Mama, am I doing the right thing?"

Coco may not be a Ramona, but she is figuring out how to be a pest to her big sister.

* * *

The girls finished up their Valentines last night, which has me patting myself on the back for being ahead of the game. There might have been a moment when my coaching/encouragement of mermaid creation got a little bossy, because Zuzu said, "Mommy! These are not YOUR Valentines! These are MY Valentines!"

I was actually really embarrassed to realize that I had been overstepping in giving directions, so I told her that she was right and she could draw their mouths however she wanted.

And that's why some of her friends will be getting meth teeth mermaids. #happyvalentinesday #thissirenwantstodrownyou

* * *

Oh, and Coco doesn't do the right thing all the time...

My dad was having the girls work on a craft project where they wound string around nails to make hearts and he left the scissors and yard on the table. I walked through the kitchen and noticed that there was also a comb on the table (which grosses me out) and long strands of hair in the comb (which I initially assumed was doll hair).

Some investigation later, we determined that Coco had YET AGAIN cut her hair. Only one small section, but cut down to the scalp.

I told her that she did not do the right thing, and I asked her why she keeps cutting her hair short if she wants it to grow long. She couldn't answer me, but she was obviously embarrassed.

Then David said quietly, "Coco, I'm very disappointed."

And Coco ran behind a chair and cried and told me that she didn't like it when Daddy screamed at her.

I'm hoping maybe David's disappointment is enough to put her off DIY makeovers, but we'll see. In the meantime, we're reinforcing the All Scissors Out of Reach Rule.

* * *

Oh, and my mom and I took Zuzu to see The Sound of Music this weekend. It was a great show, of course, and we really enjoyed it. Truth be told, I think Zuzu was a little young for the show. She got restless and had a lot of questions and couldn't always remember to whisper them.

But she was a good sport, and she did pay close attention to what was happening on stage. She followed the plot pretty well, especially when you consider she doesn't have any context for nuns or Nazis. And she definitely enjoyed the music and even did some singing along, which I thought was super cute.

She also rocked a dinosaur purse, made out of construction paper and staples.

Looking good and feeling good! Here's to the New January: February. May it feel short and sweet.


  1. LOVE that dinosaur purse!

  2. Is that unusual, for dance classes? None of the classes I went to, growing up, allowed parents to watch, except for one class at the end of each 8-10 week session, which was Watching Day.

    1. I really don't know if it's unusual! The other two dance studios I'm familiar with had windows for watching, so that's what I thought was "normal," but I actually think it makes a lot of sense to keep parents out of there! This place has parents Watching Days too. It is probably more typical than I think--it was just new to me!