Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Updates, Kid Commentary, That's All

How about an update on my fascinating illness? I have an official diagnosis of bronchitis and definitely a strained ligament in my ribs.

I took a muscle relaxer for the first time ever last night. Also a pain pill. (My doctor said it was fine to take both.) Let me tell you, I did feel fine. Loopy, but better! I was slurring words as I tried to read Ramona the Pest to Zuzu and then I fell asleep in her bed at 7:30pm (responsible parent of the year) but I did get a good night's sleep (David woke me up so I could move to my own bed, but Zuzu later joined us there anyway). I felt great when I woke up this morning, but moving, talking, laughing, coughing, all hurt on some level, so now that the day is wearing on, I am wearing out. Still, I feel like I'm on the mend, so all that is an improvement.

Also my weight at the doctor's office was eight pounds higher than I was expecting, which was an unpleasant shock, but also perhaps an indication that I've done no physical activity since January 1 (okay, let's be honest, it was a while before the holidays...), especially when I fell off my yoga commitment in the new year because I couldn't stop coughing.

Anyway, the pain is making me cranky and short tempered and my students are afraid of me, so yay.

I finished reading When They Call You a Terrorist by Patrisse Khan-Cullors and it was fascinating and heartbreaking and infuriating. The lack of mental health support for marginalized and impoverished young people is almost unbelievable. It becomes a law enforcement issue and kids are jailed instead of helped. It's so cruel and wrong that it's hard to read about. The book gave me a new perspective on the Black Lives Matter movement, and how intersectional Patrisse Cullors intended for it to be. Another one I recommend!

Last night as I was shuttling the girls home from school by way of the pharmacy drive through, I overheard Zuzu say in the backseat, "I'm very sorry, Coco, but tomorrow, I won't be able to play with you at school." Coco was saddened, "No! I want to play with you!" Zuzu said, "Well, you can play with Evelyn, but I won't be there."

At that point, I interrupted. "What do you mean, you won't be there?"

Zuzu explained that tomorrow is the 100th day of school, so she wouldn't be there anymore.

I said, "I don't know anything about a field trip. Where are you going?"

"No, Moooom. I'm going to my new school."

Turns out, she was completely convinced that the 100th day of school was kindergarten graduation and she was headed to first grade the next day.

And--get this--when I tried to explain that was incorrect, she argued with me and refused to be convinced. I ended up saying stupid things like, "I KNOW THIS because I'm a grown up and I'm your mom and I read all the notes your school sends home." and she was like, "Meh. This is what happened last year and this is what's going to happen tomorrow."

I ended up texting her teacher to say "Just so you know..." I mean, I'm sure 100 days does feel like an incredibly long amount of time, so Zuzu probably thinks kindergarten must be over now, but it just kills me that there was no argument I could make that would convince her otherwise! She's such a nut. Anyway, I hope her teacher lets them down easy (because I'm sure she's convinced several other kindergarteners of the same!).

At her school, they are given "Accomplishments" each week (which are basically work assignments of various activities in the classroom), and once they've finished their accomplishments, then they have free choice. But there's freedom within their accomplishments as well. They have a list for Monday/Tuesday and a list of Wednesday/Thursday and they can choose other work to do on those days, too. Then if there's any carryover, Friday can be a make up day or a free choice day. From what I can tell, Zuzu is not one who is worried about crossing off her accomplishments. Zuzu will always, always, ALWAYS delay a non-preferred activity for a preferred one. The idea of "eating the frog" is absolutely the antithesis of her work philosophy. I have to admit, I can totally relate to that kind of procrastination...

As for Coco, my former barnacle has become quite the daddy's girl these days. And I'm totally jealous. She's still a sweetheart for me, but she's obsessed with David these days! And she's still such a great helper. She loves to fetch things from another room or throw things away for me or help me with any task (while Zuzu seems to have fast-forwarded past that phase of life and gone straight from toddler to tween eye rolling when asked to assist with any non-preferred activity). This morning she pitched a fit because "I don't wanna walk wif you downstairs, I want you to carry me!" but I couldn't carry her because I have a strained ligament that barely lets me breathe normally. Anyway, she stopped crying when I asked her to make me coffee, and really she could do it herself and she does a better job than David does (he rarely makes me coffee because he doesn't drink it, but he always ends up with grinds everywhere... as in outside the filter and in the coffee).

Are you following The Conscious Kid on IG? You should. Great book recs and commentary on raising big-hearted kids.

Ok. Off to eat a frog by way of writing an exam on Hamlet.

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