Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tuesday with Coco

I stayed home today with Coco Puff. She's feeling better, but still in recovery mode. She slept for a huge chunk of the day. An hour of it was on top of me; then I moved her over on the couch and she slept for three more hours. I couldn't believe it, but on the other hand she hasn't had a good night's sleep since Thursday, so I guess it's catching up with her.

I love how she still looks like a baby here.

I painted her fingernails and toenails. The girls always ask me to do this, but I rarely do because they never stay still long so it gets smeared on stuff and then they get crabby about their messed up nails and I get crabby about nail polish on various textiles. Also, Zuzu chews her fingernails, so I don't want to put polish on them.

But Coco was a sick baby and she was barely moving anyway, so when she asked me if I would paint her nails, I obliged.

This morning, David had to be at work early, so Coco and I drove Zuzu to school to drop her off. Her director kind of met us at the door so I didn't have to get Coco out of the car, but as we drove away, Coco started crying that she wanted to go to school. (She really knows how to make me feel good.) As we talked about why she wanted to be at school, she finally explained through tears that she wanted to show her painted fingernails to her friend Evelyn.

By the time we picked up Zuzu, Coco had really perked up (a four hour nap will do that for you), and she went in with me. Evelyn was still there, and she greeted Coco excitedly. Coco walked up to her, stone cold, and just held up her hands silently so Evelyn could see her fingernails.

After some serious resistance to Kumon math worksheets, Zuzu and I have hit a groove where I give her more choice about when she does Kumon and she does a lot of it in the car. Yesterday, she did a couple of worksheets in the car and three more at the library. We're exploring new libraries now that we don't have our precious neighborhood branch just blocks away. So when we walked in, she said, "Mom, before I do Kumon, can we just explore a little bit so I feel comfortable?"

We explored, she chose to do Kumon on a train. Where she also, inexplicably, morphed into a big kid. Seriously, this picture kind of takes my breath away.

Zuzu is on a major crafting kick, which is adorable except that she gets really pissed when things don't turn out just the way she wanted. For example, she wanted to make paper wrist bands but she wanted them to be tight on her wrists and yet removable over her hands. (Uhhhh...) We did manage to make a rainbow cloud and a Rudolph the red nose reindeer hat, but she was ready to keep going. "Can we paint now, Mom?"

Um, no. Not at 6:30pm on a weeknight the week of daylight savings when your sister has been sick. We cannot.

They were both blessedly asleep by 7:30pm so now it is time for Stranger Things.

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