Thursday, November 16, 2017

Oh, hai.

Remember me? I just flunked out of NaNoBloMo. Holy moly the past few days have been so busy and I just can't bring myself to blog on my stupid phone much. Maybe if I had a better app that didn't keep crashing and shutting down on me. Which might happen if I were willing to pay for an app. What is it about spending $1.99 that feels offensive to me?

Anyway, here's what happened when I dropped off the face of the blog:

I drove my kids to my parents' house by myself in a sort of caravan with my brother and SIL and their baby.

The girls were pretty good travelers, but not as good as they were when they were still nonverbal.

My brother's baby never warmed up to me, and basically cried if I tried to hold or feed her. SAD! One of these days I will buy my way into being her favorite. #goals

Zuzu and Coco were able to attend Prince Charming's Ball at the high school, where they did crafts and a cake dance and watched a performance and went on a carriage ride (read: a wagon being pulled by a four-wheeler). My mom said that Zuzu probably enjoyed herself the most out of all attendees. She's still talking about it.

I'm trying to be an adult and do yoga in the morning before work and it is a great thing when I can do it. Yesterday I overslept; today I got up and did it. Guess which day I was in a better mood?

I hosted a girls night on Tuesday which just meant I had friends from college over and we ate Chinese food and talked nonstop for three hours. I wore pajamas. It was fantastic.

I went to a reading group on Wednesday where we talked politics and finished reading a book that nobody really liked.

I was supposed to go to a meeting tonight, but David has parent teacher conferences and somehow we did not communicate clearly about this. I'm sad to miss the meeting, but I'm also kind of looking forward to an evening at home with the girls, since I haven't really seen them the past two nights. My big plan is to do laundry, since I didn't do it over the weekend. Sometimes I think I should be one of those people who does a load of laundry every day, but so far it works better for me just to binge it on Saturdays. I don't mind doing laundry, but I can't keep up with the putting it away if I try to do it daily. Am I the only person who has one laundry day?

Tomorrow night I have my other book club, which I'm looking forward to. I'm hosting, which means I need to get some wine and tortilla chips.

Work has been nuts (grading... all the grading...) and I've been stressing out big time about some spring schedule snafus. A couple of professors in other departments have helped me out, so things are looking somewhat better now, but I was really sweating it there for a bit.

I wish I were popping back in with something revolutionary here, but the fact is that life is busy and not super interesting. Should you have specific blog topics that you'd like me to cover, I'm totally willing to entertain them slash desperate for writing prompts to get me through the rest of the month!


  1. Hello, I've been following and enjoying your blog for a while. Blogging every day in November does seem like a challenge. If you have more podcast recommendations, I'd be interested. Also would be interested in recommendations for current books on feminism. I haven't read much in the genre since college and am curious what the latest thought leaders are saying.

  2. I noticed the silence after so much posting earlier in the month ;) but glad you are getting back on the horse. ;) I still can't believe you post from your phone!!

    I am a binge/do it all in one day laundry person too. I do a load of towels once every week, usually Thursdays (before house cleaning -- might as well get everything all linty before I dust, right? -- one of the (very few) cons of having your washer & dryer right next to your kitchen & living room space) -- but I only do clothes every two weeks. Of course there's only two of us to do laundry for. I will usually do two or three loads of clothes (darks, whites/lights, and bright colours, depending on the size of the load(s)). I empty out the dryer into a laundry basket & then I stand at the kitchen counter/island, folding as I watch TV. No more lugging stuff up & down the stairs to & from a dark basement. I love it! :)

  3. I’d like a list of the books you have read this year (maybe just a few of your favorites) and a list of what you plan to read before the year is over. That’s two days’ worth of blogging! You’re welcome.

    Want more? Ok, tell me about your favorite Thanksgiving memory.

    Write about what you’re getting the girls for Christmas (if you’ve already thought that far ahead. Hoping you have cause I have not).

    Ok, that’s all I’ve got.

  4. Are you still doing read aloud chapter books with the girls? My oldest just turned 6. We did one, my fathers dragon, loved it! Haven't done little house yet but it's on the schedule. Reading house at pooh corner now. These are all new to me (I know Winnie the Pooh but not original chapter book) and both kids and I love it. Anyway your thoughts on books for girls zuzu and coco "s age?


  5. Your niece will think you are super cool in the next year or two. My babies never really warmed up to anyone but me (especially) and Dadda when they were infants. They came around as toddlers.