Thursday, November 2, 2017

NaNoBloMo... here we go!

I didn’t declare NaNoBloMo because I felt sure I was setting myself up to fail. I’ve felt so busy lately—rushed and full of lists and activities and mostly shuttling my car around the greater metropolitan area. No time for blogging! I can’t help but notice this year is my quietest by far. Is it contagious, as many blogs I know have gone silent? Is it just the pull of lots of other directions? Is it the sharing of quicker, easier social media?

Yes to all of these things, probably. But it’s 11:14pm and I crossed off almost everything on my to-do list today. (Grading essays was a pipe dream from the moment I wrote it down, let’s be honest.)

I taught this morning—wrapping up our discussion of The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher by Kate Summerscale in my Victorian Crime and Detective Fiction class. The students also discussed the murders they found while researching in The NY Times historical database. Let me tell you, a lot of people in the 19th century chose an axe for a murder weapon. Ick.

After that discussion, I prepped my lecture introducing modernism for my British lit survey, I dealt with the email onslaught, made Cooper an appointment at the groomer, ate lunch, did some spring schedule advising for a student, attended a meeting, and then taught Brit Lit. When class was over, I wrapped up loose ends in my office/email/calendar and realized I hadn’t checked out the DVD I want to show in class tomorrow. The gods smiled upon me, though, because it was available in the library.

I left campus a bit earlier than usual to take the girls to get a flu shot. I told them they were going to the doctor to get “flu medicine.” Last time I’ll be able to use that line, I’m sure! But our doctors office uses this little u-shaped rubber or silicone pad covered in pointy nubs that they press into the kid’s arm and then poke the needle in the opening in the middle and somehow the pressure and various pokey nubs cancel out the pin prick of the needle and it doesn’t hurt. It’s amazing! Even Coco didn’t cry, though her eyes got wide and a little misty when it was over (I made her go first so she didn’t know what was coming, poor little punkin.) Zuzu took it like a champ.

I rewarded them with a trip to the library where they chose the WORST books possible—always the story of a cartoon they’ve seen on TV. I let them each get two. Zuzu got My Little Pony and a mermaid chapter book that looks stupid. Coco chose a Frozen sing along and a Frozen something else. (I predict that just when she finally starts to get over Frozen, the sequel will come out!). I got them an Oliver Jeffers book and one from the diversity section about a little boy going to the market with his mom.

Then we headed for the grocery store, which was not our best trip. I had promised treats because of the bravery regarding flu shots, but they were crabby and it was close to dinner. At one point, Zuzu pinched Coco, who cried LOUDLY, then Zuzu asked if she still hit a treat and I hissed “No!” and SHE cried. Loudly.

In the end, I relented (slash bribed them tk hush—don’t judge me) and bought them a crafty bracelet kit thing which was $5 not worth it, but I am so over candy. (I hid the Halloween bucket this morning and they haven’t asked about it.) It’s not that I mind them having a sugary treat once in a while, it’s the wrappers and the fighting and dog trying to get it and I do think it affects their behavior. So we’ll see if they ask about it tomorrow.

After getting home and throwing together a “snack supper” for the girls (bread, cheese, crackers, pears) and a Blue Apron meal for D and me (D was late due to three separate student issues, all of which occurred at dismissal time), I was back out the door to attend a Moms Demand Action meeting about gun safety. It was sad to hear about all the accidental deaths from firearms.

Zuzu had her first play date at a friend’s house without me, and I did text the mom ahead of time to ask if they had guns. (I would let her go to a house where they owned firearms, as long as the parent assured me they were unloaded and out of reach of children.) I did feel awkward about asking, but I got a totally nice reply from her friend’s mom.

Anyway, after that meeting I made a quick stop at Home Depot because Crafty Cousin Amanda is coming to town and we have a project!!!

I made up the guest room bed, showered, tiptoed into the girls’ rooms to kiss them and lay out clothing choices for Coco, and now it’s 11:36 and I need to post this and sleep.

NaNoBloMo... here we go! See you tomorrow... and every day for the next 30 days!


  1. Did you check out Last Stop on Market Street? I love that book.

  2. November was always THE WORST month for me at work, when I was working, so I never dared to attempt NaBloPoMo... I think I did do a 30 topics in 30 days meme thing, and even then, I went on vacation in the middle of it & had to finish when I got back. Maybe next year... Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing more from you over the next 30 days!

  3. Omg, your days always exhaust me! I can’t stand the books based on shows. I let Bode pick a couple library books, but pick most myself. We spend a lot of time reading together and I am not going to read a terribly written summary of a Blaze episode over and over bleh.
    I look forward to hearing your voice lots this month!