Sunday, November 26, 2017

Fancy Fine Dining

Well, after pulling the trigger on the dining room light, the day of reckoning came over the weekend when the new light showed up and David and my dad installed it.

I was nervous it was too big, then that it was too fancy. Then I remembered that it's a chandelier. It CAN'T be too big or too fancy.

I think it was the right choice.

Honestly, I think any of my three favorites would have looked good in here, and many others I'm sure. (I went to Lowes today and deliberately avoided the lighting aisle because it's a little bit like wedding dress shopping... once you've made a decision, you need to STOP LOOKING.)

And I really love it.

(I'm assuming my readers come here for the information rather than the flawless photography...)

Of course David didn't take a before pic before taking down the old light, so here's an awkwardly cropped picture of it:

You can see it's way smaller and very iron-scrolly. Zuzu still thought it was "more castle-like" than the new one. Well, you can't please everyone.

New light, alternative view:

Now I need curtains... Possibly (probably) a new wall color.... But we're moving in the right direction.