Monday, November 20, 2017

Ermehgerd, You Guys

So after my pouty fit about anonymous comments criticizing my personal decisions, I disallowed anonymous comments and I changed my settings so I had to approve all comments before they were published.

Because I am a special snowflake with very thin skin, evidently.

So I changed my comment settings because I'LL SHOW YOU, ANONYMOUS MEANIE, and I thought google would e-mail me when I had a comment to approve, because I'd done that system once before.

But I never got any e-mails from google.

So I had NO IDEA that there were any comments. Seriously. I just thought people were busy and no one comments on blogs anymore. I seriously thought there was actually NO WAY to improve my dya and NO ONE wanted to give blog topic suggestions and NO ONE wanted to weigh in on my dining room light. I finally figured it out today when one of my friends was like, "Hey, it's hard for me to comment on your blog now, what gives?" so I went back in to mess with settings and then HOLY CRAP I had all these comments!

tl;dr I'm an idiot and thank you so much for your encouraging and super nice comments. You guys rock and I remember why I like blogging. (And not JUST because I want people to say nice things to me. Because it's such a nice way to connect with people and sometimes even get constructive and thoughtful feedback!)

Also: A Major Update on Situation Dining Room Light, Part Deux

After looking at everyone's comments on the blog and looking again at the lights, I decided that my favorite light IS the weird foresty fancy one. I am not saying it's everyone's taste or style (I'm quite sure Anonymous hates it) but dude, I like it. It's a little unexpected in my big, square house but at the same time I feel like it's right. I feel like either of the other lights would have looked cute, but there's something whimsical about the first one, and, dammit, I guess I'm wanting a little whimsy in the dining room!

So after thinking all this over, I clicked back over to Wayfair to order it.

It was actually sitting in my cart, waiting for me.

But something was off.

The price in the cart was the same. The subtotal was different... Dramatically different. Like doubled.

I checked the quantity to make sure I wasn't accidentally ordering two fancy whimsical lights, but no...

I clicked the link.

And I'll be damned if the price hadn't gone up. Like, way up.

Full disclosure: It was $263 when I put it in my cart. In my world, that is expensive but not completely unreasonable for a light. I know there are lights that cost way more (one time when I was looking for a dining room chandelier at the old house, I found the perfect one on Pinterest and then clicked the link and it was $30,000. Yes. For zeroes. Are you effing kidding me.) but $250 is basically my limit. Which is probably part of the reason I hadn't made a decision... $263 was just a little more than I really wanted to spend.

But now my light that had been a little pricy at $263 was $618.


Wayfair has this disclaimer on their website that says something like prices change and putting something in your cart doesn't save your price.

But I called them anyway.

As uncertain as I had been about the dining room light, the moment it was completely out of my price range was the moment I decided I had to have it.

Anyway, I talked to a strange but nice man who checked the three sites that are all run by Wayfair--Birch Lane and Joss & Main (I guess it's sort of a Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy situation, except as far as I can tell they all carry the exact same merchandise, so I'm not sure how/why they have three stores #marketingmajor #skippedallmybusinessclasses #terriblelifechoices #literature4eva).

Anyway, the guy was super Eeyore about it and didn't want to get my hopes up. Birch Lane had listed it for $265 but now it was $618 there as well ("original retail price" was supposedly $900 and something). Womp-womp.

But then he said, "So, do you want this light?"

And I said, breathlessly, "I want it if it's $263."

And he said, "Hmmm. Hang on."

I literally held my breath.

It turns out that for some reason (possibly an error?) it was still listed at Joss and Main for that price. He wasn't sure why that happened because he said they usually adjust all the prices at the same time. He was half convinced that by the time he clicked through to the final screen to check me out that the price would change and he told me not to get my hopes up.

So the fancy, whimsical, dust-collecting chandelier is heading my way. It will be here on Friday.

(Seriously, though, Hidalgo, I'm pretty sure I can just feather dust it when I notice cobwebs.)

Would I have ordered it today if I weren't afraid that it was out of reach forever? I really don't know. But I'm glad to have the decision made. And I hope I don't hate it in person.

And of course it's scheduled to show up the day after I host Thanksgiving.

P.S. A friendly commenter asked me for a link to the second chandelier, and as far as I can tell the internet has eaten it. I can't find a link. I can't find it at all! I took a screen shot of it on my phone, but it doesn't give me the website! I'm sorry and this is the eleventy billionth reason why I'm not a home and lifestyle blogger. I can't keep myself organized. I was going to go back and look at it today, and I can't remember what website it was even from. There aren't that many. It's not PB. It's not Shades of LIght. I thought it was Wayfair, but I couldn't find it, so now I don't know! This one is similar, but I don't think it's the exact same. In my search, though, I came across this one and now I'm having some second thoughts about the one I ordered... (just kidding).


  1. So THAT'S why there are no prices in the damn magazine! I kinda figured, but man that irks the hell out of me. You send a fully prepared advertisement of pages upon pages of gorgeous stuff but I then have to go to the website to find out how much it is? That probably means it's more than I want to spend. At least put a price and have a disclaimer that the prices change.

  2. You’re too funny. When you’re done feather dusting, come tackle my lights.
    I don’t even own a feather duster

  3. Another great funny post, Hahaha!

  4. Haha!! I figured you had changed your comment settings, but just hadn't gotten around to approving them yet. I wish they did email notifications that you have comments, because I am always checking for them & finding nothing there. (sob) Just be careful when approving your comments; I can remember my horror, early on in my blogging career, when I accidentally hit "delete" instead of publish, and a half-dozen lovely, thoughtful comments went "poof!" into the ether. :( I wish they would add an "are you sure?" message before actually deleting.

    I didn't comment on the lighting fixtures, but I think it's a great choice, and even better when it's a (relative?) bargain. You just proved that it never hurts to ask for a lower price!! (although I really think that company's pricing policy leaves a LOT to be desired...!).