Friday, November 17, 2017

Dining Room Light, Part Deux

The other day, Zuzu remarked that the light in the dining room looks like it belongs in a castle.

She's kind of right... the light that is up there now is a five-light chandelier in oil-rubbed bronze. It isn't fancy, but at the same time it's weirdly heavy and twisty.

You already know I'm not a fan of it, right?

At our old house, it took me forever to replace light fixtures. I had trouble making a decision that felt so permanent, and I was nervous about locking in to a particular style or look. And it is a bit of an investment, so I didn't want to get it wrong. I ended up loving the light fixture we got for the dining room, but it took me forever to replace it (and we moved just one year later... sad!).

Anyway, new house, same story.

I want to replace the dining room light, but I'm just not quite sure what I want. This is the "formal" dining room, which just means we eat in there if more than four of us are at our house for dinner, or if we're sitting down for a "special" meal, maybe on Sunday evenings.

I guess the overall look in this house is (the heavily done) modern farmhouse. Most fixtures and door knobs are oil-rubbed bronze, but I'm not opposed to mixing metals. I'm trying to figure out what kind of light will work best in the dining room.

Here are three options I like. I'm not (yet?) sold on any of them, so I'm Asking The Internetz. What do you like? I know it's hard to say since I'm not including a picture of the room, but I want to repaint anyway, so the paint color doesn't matter. It currently has natural wood trim, wood floors, and gray/green walls with a chair rail. The table and buffet are dark and kinda rustic (the furniture store called them "French provincial," for whatever that's worth). There's a big window that overlooks the "forest" of trees outside, and no window treatments yet. So it's basically a blank slate. It has a door that leads to the sage green kitchen with cream colored cabinets, and it is open to the foyer, which has blue walls and the stair way that has beige walls and light colored beige carpet, with natural wood trim and creamy white spindles in the stair railing.

So where do I take the light...???

This is perhaps the most controversial of the three. It's kind of ornate, but you know I like shiny things. I also like the connection to leaves/twigs since the big window opens to the trees outside. It doesn't look like something that you see in everyone's house, but maybe that's because it's totally weird? Still, I'm a little weird and there's something about it that really appeals to me. I think there's part of me that just likes how fancy it is, and how it's both traditional and unexpected.

Okay, I'm into the wood-bead chandeliers, and I like that this one doesn't look too heavy but still is good sized and has a bunch of lights. I don't know if it's too many wood tones in the room? The beads look lighter than our floor or trim, and much lighter than the table and chairs. Is that too much?

I really like this one, too. It also seems kind of unexpected to me, and it has that rustic feel without being all the way into mason-jar territory (which I'm not slamming--I think that can be cute, it's just not quite what I want in the dining room). I don't know about the rectangular base/top/whatever of this. It is definitely less formal than the other two options, which is fine, but means not using a ceiling medallion, and I'm weirdly fond of a ceiling medallion.

You can see why I'm struggling with this decision. These are all totally different concepts for the dining room, and I just don't know which direction I want to go, although I like all of them! I'd hoped to figure this out before Thanksgiving, but that's not happening.

So what would you do? Which light would you like for my house? Please read my mind and predict which one I'll be most satisfied with for years to come, okay?


  1. So, I vote for three. Saying that, I love number one as well. If it had been available at the time, I would have purchased this one ( my own formal dining room.

  2. I love chandeliers. Of the three options, I like the second one the best.
    I'm a huge fan of sooooper fancy chandeliers in not so fancy places. Basically, like ornate princess-y chandeliers in laundry rooms and bathrooms and bedrooms. Basically, I'd like every single light in my house to be replaced with overly-fancy-to-a-ridiculous degree chandeliers.

  3. I love the first one--it's unique and pretty.

  4. Number 1 for sure - I don’t think you’ll regret that choice. It’s interesting and has personality - just like you!

  5. I like the first option! I agree would be a good fit to tie in outdoor view. Unique, sparkly, different but traditional at same time. My sis has one very similar to the last option, even though it's not ball jars, it still looks very Joanna Gaines-farmhouse rustic style. I just think that perhaps, over time, it might be out of style. Good luck!

  6. I like the clean style of the last one best. Though I think number one is cool. But I’m not sure I can choose without seeing a picture of the room, or at least the furniture it is being paired with.

  7. I love the first one. For all the reasons you list, and I am just not into the other two at all. Also you sound less enthusiastic about them.

  8. I like them in the order 3, 2, 1.
    1 - just think of the cobwebs that will collect on that bad boy (ick!).
    2 is cute. 3 is my fave. I also realize it's somewhat trendy so don't know if you'd get sick of, but think it's so cute it's worth figuring out :)

  9. I like the first and third. Not a fan of the wooden beads unless the Dining Room gets a lot of light. You could try visiting some of the light shops in town- Wilson Lighting is a beautiful store.

  10. #2 with the beads...can you provide the link so I can check it out? Also #3 would be great over an island instead of traditional pendants.

  11. I'm excited you chose number 1 - now I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like when it's in place!