Monday, September 25, 2017

Pumpkin Patch 2017

We made our annual journey to the pumpkin patch with my bestie from high school, Monica, her husband, Johnny, and her daughter, Ellie Kate. Ellie Kate is exactly six months older than Zuzu (to the day) and her mom is six months older than me (minus one day).

This weekend was the hottest pumpkin patch day we've ever had. The high was in the 90s, but the heat index was even hotter. We were basically melting.

The heat did not stop the girls from running, sliding, climbing, and jumping at all of the activities for kids at Johnson Farms. (We did manage to distract them from the bus filled with sand, but otherwise we let them roam). The only benefit was that the heat seemed to keep the crowds away, so that part of the visit was very pleasant. We were just incredibly sweaty.

In fact, the girls got hotter and more red-faced than I had ever seen them, so we enforced a water break at the pavilion and I took their shirts off and misted them with a water bottle to try to cool them down. This was before we'd even headed out into the patch to pick pumpkins!

Zuzu and Ellie Kate are quite different little personalities. Ellie Kate is more of an old soul, and her complex emotions are very mature for her age. Zuzu is much less sensitive on an emotional level, and her id is still way bigger than her ego.

(For example, Ellie Kate was telling me about a "friend" at school who had said something that hurt her feelings, and I tried to draw Zuzu into the conversation by saying, "Did you hear that Zuzu? Ellie Kate got her feelings hurt at school. Have you ever had a friend say something unkind to you?" Zuzu shrugged and said, "Nope. My friends don't say that to me." When I pushed her, she said, "Well, Sloane and Maggie made me upset when they BOTH wanted to play with me." #nope #empathystilldeveloping)

But the girls got along beautifully this weekend, playing so nicely together, taking short breaks from each other of their own volition when they needed a little space, and really having their own conversations. They are getting to the stage of putting on shows for the adults, which is basically my favorite thing ever. I hope I always remember lying on Ellie Kate's bed with Monica and watching the girls do "ballet" in EK's tutus. It was so sweet.

They are also good about including Coco. Ellie Kate really likes to take care of her, and Coco is a good sport about it and works hard to keep up with the big girls. It was surprisingly peaceful.

Friday night I met Monica and a few of her friends at Funkytown. How do I describe Funkytown? I think Monica's friend put it best when she said, "It's like if your drama teacher opened a dance club." It's a bar and there is dancing but it is like no where I'd been before. The music was exactly what I wanted to dance to, which is to say nothing hip or cool and everything that a not-great DJ would play at a wedding reception where everyone was pretty wasted. The crowd was older (we moms in our mid-thirties felt young and cool) and there was a lot of gender fluidity. There were also a lot of costumes. I got a talking to about the holes in the knees of my jeans when I arrived ("I know that's the fashion, but next time, no holes in your pants.") because evidently the man working the door was channeling my Nana? But there were lots of men in wigs and women in gogo boots and day-glo dresses and then a girl came in wearing onesie pajamas that zipped up the front and I was like, "Seriously? Did the guy at the door seriously tell me not to wear these jeans next time and let her in wearing that?". At one point Monica tried to point out "the guy in the sparkly headband" and that didn't narrow it down enough, so she had to clarify by adding that he was wearing bell bottoms and sunglasses.

It really was like my high school drama coach made a club and only people who did drama or speech and debate got invited.

We danced to Whitney Houston and "Footloose" and "YMCA" (I sat that one out because I just can't) and then that Justin Timberlake song from the movie Trolls. There was a light up cage on one corner of the dance floor and a big screen where they projected videos and light shows. Around midnight they played the song "Carwash" and then the actual brushes from an actual car wash that are on and above the dance floor started spinning and spitting out soap bubbles. It was magical and amazing and I haven't danced that long or that hard or that unselfconsciously in basically ever. I danced so much that I think I strained my hip flexor, which is both painful and hugely embarrassing. It had me moving like an old person who needs a hip replacement all weekend, and anytime I would groan and complain about it, David and Johnny would call me "Funkytown."

Saturday night was basically a complete reversal of Friday. We did not go out. After spending the day in the blazing heat of the pumpkin patch, we were so exhausted that we were all in bed and asleep by 8:30pm.

The dads actually lay down with the girls around 7:30 and Monica and I sat and talked for a bit until we realized that we were both totally exhausted and couldn't stop yawning. Since David was in the guest room with both girls, I went to sleep by myself in Ellie Kate's room (she was sleeping in her mom and dad's room), and I had two luxurious hours of sleeping alone in a queen bed until David came in to wake me up and tell me Coco had vomited everywhere. I thought it was like 2am, but it was only 10:30pm.

So then we had to change the sheets and change her clothes and get her settled back down and then we moved Zuzu into Ellie Kate's room with me and everybody went back to bed.

What felt like five minutes later but was probably more like an hour, David was back to tell me she'd barfed again, and we had to change the sheets AGAIN. Since Monica doesn't have an infinite supply of extra sheets for the guest room, I was rigging up a flat sheet as the bottom sheet while David took a shower with Coco because they were both covered in vomit. I finally got smart enough to lay down a bunch of towels underneath poor Coco, who was also running a fever by this point. She did throw up once more, but the towels caught it so I was able to sleep through it.

I believe this is the first time that Coco has for real puked. My kids are just not barfy kids. Zuzu has thrown up three times in her entire life--once the day of Coco's six month photos, once in the parking lot of her daycare before school, and then the day we flew home from Arizona, when she puked in the rental car and then airplane and then on our back steps. (I guess that's more than three times, but three separate illnesses). I'm not good with barf because I start sympathy dry heaves and I also don't think about things any logical person would think about (like putting down towels).

Fortunately Coco has been barf-free all day today, but she's still running a low grade fever so I'm going to keep her home tomorrow and make sure she gets this bug out of her system.

We were supposed to get up early Sunday morning and head down to see David's dad, but since Coco was feverish and we didn't know if she'd keep barfing, we hopped in the car and headed straight home. Now I'm almost caught up on laundry (which I'm sure is more than I can say for poor Monica, who was left with four sets of dirty sheets from having us as overnight guests, two of which smell like vomit).

If nothing else, 2017 pumpkin patch was definitely memorable.

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