Tuesday, August 29, 2017

David's Birfday

Well, it wasn't the exciting weekend getaway sans kids that we'd talked about when we imagined David's 40th Birthday a year ago. We didn't go to Nashville with friends or even spend a weekend on the plaza in Kansas City. 

But it was still a good weekend.

We spent the days mostly doing projects around the house--new closet systems for the girls' room, landscaping outside, running a few errands. On Sunday the closet project took so long that we scrapped our plans to go out to dinner, fed the kids breakfast-for-dinner and put them to bed, then David made pizza while I showered and then we ate and watched GoT. Dinner and GoT at 9:30pm on a Sunday night is definitely not how we usually roll, but you only turn 40 once! 

Today I got this sweet message and photo from a teacher at David's school: 

Hi! I'm a teacher at Craig and our classroom routine is to celebrate birthdays in a special way. Today we did our celebration for David. Afterward, I always send an email to the parents with the picture! Instead of parents I'm sending his picture to you.  Here is the email I usually send to parents:

Hello! Today we celebrated David's birthday! We had a special community circle just for him. Each kid said the nicest thing they could think of about David and chose one word to write on the board. David loved the celebration. Happy birthday, David!

Is that not the cutest thing ever? David said they all say something nice and then give an example of the person exhibiting that characteristic. Adorable.

On his actual birthday (Monday), we decided to go out to dinner in the old neighborhood. But when David got home, I was fighting back tears. 

I ordered turmeric supplements for Cooper. It's supposed to help with joint pain and inflammation, and I felt that it couldn't hurt since he moves pretty slow in the mornings especially. His dosage is one tablet a day, so I opened the bottle and gave him one. I left the bottle sitting on the kitchen counter and went to help Zuzu get started on her Kumon. When I walked back into the kitchen, Coco was holding the bottle and looking incredibly guilty.

It had a child-proof lid, so I wasn't too worried... until I saw that she was holding the lid in one hand and the bottle in the other.

I immediately started interrogating her, trying not to yell at her but also trying to communicate the urgency in her telling me how many "treats" she gave to Cooper. "Lots!" she said.

So I dumped all the tablets out and counted them. There were 100 left in the bottle. The bottle originally contained 120. 

I called our vet, but the office closes at 5 and it was a few minutes after. I started googling turmeric overdose. I couldn't find much (although it can evidently interfere with stroke medication). I found that excessive use can cause gastrointestinal ulcers, so that was alarming. I found one case where a woman died, but she was taking it intravenously. 

I started texting a couple of dog-loving friends, whom I thought might have some advice. I fed Cooper a piece of bread to help fill up his belly and give him something bland. I called my mom. Then I called the emergency vet, who transferred me to pet poison control. They wanted to charge me $59 to talk to someone about what my dog had ingested, so I hung up and went back to google.

At that point, David walked in the door ready to go out to dinner, and I was glued to my phone, trying not to cry, while the girls were running amok. I explained the situation, and he reminded me that Cooper has never had an upset stomach, no matter what he has eaten... chocolates, an entire tub of beef jerky, an entire package of birthday cake oreos, muffins with the wrapper on, more than a few dirty diapers, and also some feminine hygiene products. (He is so disgusting.)

Anyway, I was still worrying and fretting, but Cooper was acting totally normal. Coco also was annoyingly unrepentant, and I know she didn't mean to hurt Cooper, but she also knew she was doing something she shouldn't be doing--she knows Cooper can't have unlimited treats and the rule is you have to ask Mommy or Daddy before you give him a treat. So I was feeling resentful of my three-year-old and worried about Bubba.

THEN David walked in the laundry room and noticed the new dog water dispenser I'd gotten for Coop (which showed up in the same package as the turmeric supplements). He asked me what was in it. 

I had no idea what he was talking about, as I'd just washed it and filled it up with fresh water a bit earlier. But the water basin was full of with what looked like an orange powder.

And that's when I realized that Coco hadn't fed Cooper all the turmeric tablets. She'd dropped them in the new water bowl. 

(Three-year-olds are very unreliable witnesses, especially when they are the ones on trial.)

I felt a huge wave of relief rush over me, although I'm still going to wait a few days to give Cooper another turmeric tablet, just in case he got more than his daily dose.

And David was able to have a happy birthday, even though Zuzu fell asleep on the way to dinner and Coco was a bit of a stinker and I got eaten alive by mosquitoes sitting outside at one of our favorite restaurants. Coco also wore full Anna garb but removed her Elsa hat (baseball cap with very attractive braid attached) to eat dinner. Zuzu wore her Rapunzel braid through dinner. 

Speaking of birthdays and being a stinker, this morning Coco's teacher told me when she did Coco's preschool intake assessment, she asked Coco how old she is and Coco said, "FIVE!" And when the teacher said, "Well, aren't you three and your sister is five?" Coco said, "No, I five and Zuzu is three." 

Kindergarten just wears this girl out.

But after a power nap in the car on the way to dinner, she was up until after 10pm last night. I seriously googled "melatonin for kids" because we can a pretty consistent and peaceful bedtime routine, complete with soft lighting, sleep music, and a sleepy time essential oil blend in the diffuser, but if there is one thing Zuzu has taught me about parenting, it's that you can put a kid to bed but you can't make them sleep.

She was very tired this morning and she told me that she wouldn't stay up late tonight. We shall see...


  1. I started using melatonin for my girls this summer cause they weren't falling asleep until 10:30. It works like a charm! But being the paranoid mom that I am, I only give them a half dose, try not to give it to them more than once or twice a week and always remind them it's not good to rely on medicine to fall asleep. I'll warn you that they were having nightmares and night waking a bit. I looked it up, and melatonin can lead to that, but is that really why it was happening? Who knows. When they have a one-off pill every now and then, it does not cause a night problem, so I'd say overall it's worth it! (That was long winded. Sorry.)

    1. I'm glad to hear it works for you! I think I'll ask our pediatrician about it. I'm nervous about all the things you mentioned, but I also want them to get enough sleep.

    2. I feel like it helps get their bodies going in the right direction again. I truly think some of it is mental, too, so I've considered giving them a placebo at some point too. :) Power of suggestion!

  2. That is so cute, what they do at David's school for birthdays! :) I think we could all use something like that! ;) Glad Cooper is OK too!