Thursday, August 31, 2017

Conversations with Zuzu and Coco

Sounds Delicious.
Me: Coco, you want a cucumber?
Coco: Yes, I love koom-bugger!

Reckless and kinda stinky.
Me: Time to go. Put your shoes on.
Zuzu: I don't like tennis shoes without socks. It's a little reckless.

Grammy's not a 2T.
Me: You got a new skirt!
Coco: Zuzu got one, too.
Me: Those are from Grammy.
Coco: Grammy can't fit in this.

More Kids, More Household Help
Me: Zuzu, you want to help me with laundry?
Zuzu: No. I'm not a laundry girl.
Me: What kind of girl are you?
Zuzu: I'm a play-with-toys kind of girl.
Me: Well, how do I get a laundry girl?
Zuzu: (shrug) I guess you have to have another baby.

She's Heard This a Few Times
Beth's mom, to Coco: Oh, you sure have your mom's eyes, don't you?
Coco: (nodding emphatically) YES.

Zuzu:  Can animals eat humans?
Me: Some animals. Like... a lion.
Zuzu: Or a cheetah?
Me: Yeah, sure.
Coco: Or a dinosaur!

Early Morning Talk.
Me: Okay, girls, time to get out of bed.
Zuzu: Why is your voice soggy?


  1. Love the laundry story. Hilarious!

  2. lol at the soggy voice and the laundry kid ;)

  3. I'm 33 and not a laundry kid either! Resist, Zuzu!

  4. Unfortunately, I have a laundry kid. She keeps folding my washcloths into triangles, though, so I'd rather she switch duties.