Sunday, March 5, 2017

Conversations with Zuzu AND Coco

Making Valentines

Zuzu: This is so beautiful. This one is for me!
Me: Well, we're making all of these for your friends.
Zuzu: But, I also love myself.

Happy Hour

Zuzu: What would happen if kids drank wine?
Me: You would get sick.
Zuzu: And die?
Me: Probably not. But you'd get sick and not feel good.
Zuzu: And stay home from school?
Me: And Mommy and Daddy would go to jail because we aren't allowed to give kids wine.
Zuzu: Jail?
Me: And then where would you live? With Miss Hannigan in an orphanage?
Zuzu: No. I'd live with Grammy and Bops.

We Seriously Don't Go There That Often

Coco: Target!
Me: Yep. There's Target.
Coco: Where Coco, Zuzu, Mommy live!

Zuzu: I love you, Coco.
Coco: I love you!
Zuzu: It's good to have someone in your family who loves you so much.

Pizza Party

Zuzu: I ate my pizza all gone.
Coco: I ate my pizza all gone in my tummy! I ate my pizza all gone in my foot!
Me: It went all the way down to your foot?
Coco: Uh-huh!
Zuzu: My pizza went all the way down to my vagina.


  1. Zuzu's comments get better and better.

  2. These might be the funniest yet.

  3. Oh Zuzu! That last one is a real gem! I have one of these blog posts rolling with convos with my kiddos as well. It's fun now that they both have funny things to contribute.

  4. Because of course it did! This would SO be a comment in our house as well. And "I also love myself"! Ohhh girlfriend. Your girls light me up, I'm telling you. Cannot wait for the next Cate/Zuzu reunion!