Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Conversations with Zuzu

What Happened When Her Friend Broke His Leg

Zuzu: One time he fell and there were a lot of bruises so he had to have a cast put on and then there was a buzz machine and then the cast came off and the bruises really hurt him. And when people have a cast you have to wear your shoe under it.

Immaculate Conception, According to Zuzu

Zuzu: When I'm a grown up, my bones can make a baby.
Me: How does that work?
Zuzu: God is in everyone's bones and he helps them make a baby.
Me: Um, who told you that?
Zuzu: I just figured it out.
Zuzu: Or maybe God is in your tummy?

The Peanuts Thanksgiving Special Has a Lot of Questionable Content, Actually

Zuzu: Where did we come from?
Me: Our ancestors? Like our family?
Zuzu: Yes.
Me: England, mostly. Our family sailed over here on the Mayflower.
Zuzu: Really?! Why did we not die like the rest of them?

Some of Us Are Good Listeners; Some of Us Have Other Strengths

Me: (telling my mom about taking the girls swimming) Coco doesn't really venture where she can't touch and you can tell her not to go past here and she won't!
Zuzu: Coco listens?
Me: Yes, she listens to me. It's amazing.
Grammy: you should listen to your mommy, right? Do you listen to your mommy?
Zuzu: Hmm. Not a lot.

That Time I thought I Actually Had the Right Answer, but It's Possible I Misheard the Question...

Zuzu: Mommy, why are some grown ups short?
Me: Well, bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. Remember, you can't tell what someone is like by just looking at their outsides.
Zuzu: When I grow up, I'm going to be short like you and Daddy.
Me: (laughing) You think we're short?
Me: Uh...
Zuzu: Straight up! (runs out of room)


  1. Haha! Four has been very challenging in our house, but I do LOVE the conversations!