Friday, November 4, 2016

Insert: Witty Title

I think I mentioned before that I've been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack pretty often. The last time I was this obsessed with a musical was Rent when I was in college. Anyway, on the way to school today, I said to the girls, "Should we listen to Hamilton or should we listen to some other music?" And Zuzu chose Hamilton!

Nevermind that it contains some explicit lyrics... I haven't heard her repeating any of it, so it's fine. Of course, if she starts singing, "How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore, and a Scotsman dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean..." then we may have to have a conversation about appropriate language. Or just film it and put it on YouTube.

Related: I have such a huge crush on Lin-Manuel Miranda I can hardly even handle it. He's overtaken Chris Pratt at this point.

Also related: If you're not aware, Hamilton's wife's name was Eliza and hearing her name spoken/sung on the soundtrack is so bittersweet for me and makes me love the name even more.

In another life lesson about not being a jackass by shamelessly bragging about your kids on the internet, Coco, my "easy" baby, has rebelled against potty-training and after two days of perfect records, peed her pants three times yesterday. She didn't poop her pants only because one of her teachers noticed a "poop face" and got her to the bathroom in time. (God bless toddler teachers who recognize poop faces.) She also requested a diaper at daycare: "I'd prefer to just do this in my pants and sit in it, thanks" (That's a loose paraphrase, not a direct quote.)

She got to wear kitty-cat-meow-meow undies today and we had a peptalk about keeping her pants dry on the way to school, so I hope that it's just a small setback. Her teachers said it's normal. I wouldn't know, because by the time Zuzu decided to quit peeing/pooping her pants, she was 3 and 1/4 years old and it was like flipping a switch.

Related: Coco's bottom looks so TINY without a diaper on! It makes me laugh.

Zuzu has a follow-up appointment today for her HSP situation. So far her urinalyses and blood pressure have been fine, so I'm not too worked up about it. She's thrilled to get picked up from school early.

I'm trying to embrace Zuzu's self expression through dressing of herself. Today she wanted to be a cowgirl, so she wore cowgirl boots (hand me downs from our friend Ellie Kate) and her new favorite leggings (navy blue with hearts) and a cowgirl shirt we bought two summers ago in West Virginia when she rode a horse for the first time that is a little bit tight but still fits. She asked me to cut OFF her bangs to make her look like a cowgirl (!?) so we compromised by clipping them back. Then she said, "I look like a man!" (I'm not sure what kind of men she knows who wear green barrettes to hold back their bangs. David's not in the habit.) I also put her hair in pig tails, which was really cute, and seemed to make her look less like a man (!?) except I know they'll be out by the end of the day.

I am trying to do NaNoWriMo because I am an insane person. Except instead of writing a novel, I'm working on my Eliza book project. I listened to this podcast that said you don't have to be good at something to be good at something. Meaning you just have to WANT to do it. So I'm doing it. I'm also still working out with my trainer three times a week AND trying to do bedtime yoga for 20 minutes each night. This is probably why I am sitting on essays I collected from students two and a half weeks ago. As for why I'm writing this in my office right now instead of grading, I have no explanation except it's Friday.

Here's a weird thing: Zuzu has decided that she is "shy of boys." This sometimes extends to boys her age, but is particularly directed at boys who are 7-12 years old. (She's not shy of grown men.) There's a little boy who helps out with her tumbling class, and he is evidently the reason she refused to participate the last couple of weeks (she did FINE and had a blast yesterday, when he happened to not be there). On Halloween, she refused to take candy from two little boys at one house, who were so sweet and tried to just drop it in her bag while she turned away and hid her face. I don't know WHAT is going on with her and I find it really frustrating as a parent and a feminist. We don't know that many boys in that age range, but her good buddy Harrison across the street has a big brother who is nine and she seems fine around him. She says she's shy because she doesn't know their names. ?????? I hope it's just a short-lived phase.

Here's a gross thing: My dog has peed on our sofa and Coco has peed on our kitchen chair and I think the whole house smells like urine. It doesn't help that the weather has been damp and warm, either. (Don't you want to come over and hang out at my house now?) I'm buying new kitchen chairs this weekend (Haven't told David yet.). I did tell David last night that when Cooper dies (hopefully not for a long time, although he is going to be 11 in February), I am going to cry my eyes out and feel absolutely devastated because I love him so much and he was my first baybee and he's still my sweet mama's boy, but then I'm going to buy a new sofa.

I'm starting to do some holiday prep, by which I mean I'm Christmas shopping and thinking about holiday cards. I front load all of this in November because I still feel pretty slumpy/shitty at the beginning of December. This year feels easier than last year, although I actually have mixed feelings about that, which I will detail at another time.

For now, I post these rambling paragraphs that I realize now are mostly about Hamilton and urine; I apologize for the latter. Also, I revealed my celebrity crush(es). Who is yours?



    Weirdly, I like him better with his long Hamilton hair.

    We share that! Neat!

  2. Ella would second Lin-Manuel. She gets this very funny smile and flushed cheeks when she watches him talk or he is mentioned. It's very cute.

    My latest celeb crush is Van Jones, particularly his whole "you can't polish this turd" assessment of the Trump's comments on accepting the outcome of the election in the third debate on CNN's post-debate panel.

    1. That's adorable about Ella. She can totally join my fan club!

  3. I agree on Lin-Manuel. I started watching the PBS documentary and immediately thought: Who is this guy? Oh, no biggie. Just a genius who is the same age as me and has written two huge musicals.

    I started listening to the Hamilton soundtrack this week, though I got in trouble with Greg for listening to it wrong. Apparently I needed to use our good speakers rather than my iPad speakers so as not to miss so much. Why not just fly me to NYC, huh?

    Write that book! One, you're a great writer. Two, I think most people reach their goals because they work really hard, not because they have some sort of innate gift.

  4. We all love Lin-Manuel. Michelle Obama and him have a 100% approval rating. And they deserve it.

    I'm a writer, I went to film school, yada yada, I consume and love entertainment. HAMILTON was the best piece of art I've ever seen heard witness... it was better than some of my favorite movies... it was so good I couldn't believe how good it was. And the Breaking Bad of musicals in that you tell people about it, it's over hyped, then they see it and love it just as much as you. Because it's a masterpiece.

    Many songs get to me, but there's a song on there iT'S QUIET UPTOWN about losing his son and well I lived in NYC when I lost my son, and that song makes me think of Jack.

    But mostly the whole thing lifts me up and makes me want to be a better writer and reach my own creative goals for my family and my son who doesn't get to reach for his dreams. So I should do it for him. And his 2 gorgeous sisters who are here because of him.

    1. I completely agree that the show is so amazing it's inspirational. It seems like maybe it should be daunting (as in, I could never write Hamilton! Therefore I should not write at all!) but somehow it makes me want to keep trying. Yes, that quiet uptown song gets to me, too. And I love the idea of creative endeavors in honor of our babies who didn't have the opportunity. xo

  5. Oh my goodness, I missed your HSP post, but ugh, that's so scary, I'm glad she is okay and hopefully over it! Definitely sounds like she may have something autoimmune going on there.

    Between our dog, Matthew recently potty training, and Lucas randomly having accidents at night, we are having urine issues too. I cannot stand it!

  6. Ok so stupid question but how do you watch Hamilton if tickets are like a billion dollars? I keep hearing it's so amazing but how do most people get to see it? I assumed I need to see the play before listening to the soundtrack, but is that not the case?

    There's a Wonder Woman movie coming out I think looks good (nerd alert!) and it has Chris pine and he's pretty dreamy. Also Google image " Clint Eastwood son" (Scott) youre welcome.

    1. We bought season tickets to the Fox theatre this year so we are eligible to have first chance at tickets to Hamilton next year. I don't think it's that tickets are insanely expensive (compared to other shows) as much as they are hard to get. You definitely can (and should!) listen to the soundtrack before seeing it! (I've done that with all the big musicals I love--I had the soundtrack to Les Mis memorized in high school, long before I ever saw the show.) The PBS documentary (I linked it before, but just google pbs and Hamilton in YouTube) will give you the basic plot of the play and a taste of the music.