Monday, November 28, 2016

10 Things On a Monday

1. I had to wake Coco this morning.
   1a. She spent the first ten minutes of her day crying and trying to climb back in her crib.
   1b. I could relate to the feeling.

2. Elsa the Elk/Elf is back in action. Zuzu was excited to see her and is still a little afraid of her, though she won't admit it. What she's not afraid of, however, are consequences of her behavior. Elsa creeps her out because Elsa is a creepy elf who sneaks around our house in the night. As far as Elsa the Santa Snitch goes, though, Zuzu is in Camp Couldn't Care Less.
   2a. In other words, Behavior Modification via the threat of an elf who tattles to Santa so we get a Christmas without presents is not working here.
   2b. But we're still moving the damn thing around every night.
   2c. Next year she's not showing up until December 1.

3. My children view our fireplace as an invitation to get naked in the living room.

4. I started feeding Cooper a grain-free dog food a few months ago. He loves it, but he is looking super fat now. I need to discuss this with our vet.

5. I get a sort of perverse pleasure out of cleaning gross things. Like today I cleaned the inside of our dishwasher. It was looking kinda grungy around the edges. And I scrubbed the gross screen that collects food particles in the bottom. And now I'm running a vinegar cycle. It makes me feel so virtuous.
   5a. I may need more hobbies.
   5b. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to have a sub-point a without a sub-point b, but I've got nothin'.

6. I'm making my students memorize and recite poems. Today I had a big athletic guy up in front of the class, ready to recite "A Red, Red Rose" by Robert Burns. Before he started, he took a deep breath and then said, "Man, this is hard! I feel like my heart is beating out of my chest!" But he recited the poem perfectly (although not with a Scottish accent). His classmates gave him a big round of applause and it was a nice reminder that admitting vulnerability can build community.

7. We put up Christmas decorations over Thanksgiving weekend. We have a rather large amount of decorations, especially as we inherited several things from David's grandma. The house does feel cozy with the tree lights glowing.

8. I'm halfway through the new episodes of The Gilmore Girls and my heart is set on Rory ending up with Logan. Don't plot spoil it for me! He's so adorable.

9. We put up Eliza's stocking this year. Zuzu wanted to. I was kind of on the fence. My friend Sonja has Santa put a rose in her daughter Elizabeth's stocking while he's filling Elizabeth's little sister's stocking, and I really like that idea, so maybe we'll make a similar request of Santa this year.

10. Coco really wants to look at gross things.
   10a. Every time I wipe her nose, she says, "I see it??!!" and demands to look at the boogery tissue.
   10b. Today after she got off the potty, I closed the lid before she flushed and she lifted the lid back up. "No," I said, "We don't want to look at that!" She turned to me in disbelief. "I yook at it!" she said.


  1. 4. We feed our three dogs grain free as well. Are you still giving Cooper the same amount of food as before? You likely need to cut the serving size. Grain free cuts out all of the filler that is in the other food so you don't have to give them as much. Our labs get 1 1/3 cups twice a day and our little chihuahua/terrior gets 1/3 cup twice a day.

    1. I'm feeding Coop 3/4 a cup twice a day. It fit within the size range recommendations on the bag, but I think I probably need to scale him back a bit!

  2. I put up Bear'a stocking. I know everyone feels differently but it just feels right. And if I ever can make a decision about beautiful coordinated family stockings, I will be buying five. I write a letter to the boys and put it in Bear's stocking each year (but we don't read them). This year, I think I will buy a family gift or game for his stocking too. I like the flower too.
    I hate when I have to wake Bode. Early mornings are lousy!

    1. I'm in the middle of GG too. Logan is super cute! But I don't like the baggage.

    2. Haha--You mean his fiancee? Yeah... it's a bit of a problem. So complicated.

  3. We haven't put anything up but a tree with ornaments. I have the decorations readily available, but waiting for a boring afternoon to make that our mission. But then I struggle with where to put everything because this house is so small compared to our Chicago place!

    Andrew's stocking will go up. I typically put cards for his birthday in it, though it stresses me out because each year they are fewer...

  4. I would LOVE to honor your Andrew and send him a birthday card. If you'd like, no expectation, email me your address at Hugs!