Friday, September 23, 2016

Right now...

Reading: I just posted about the books I'm currently reading here. This weekend I hope to get mostly through Dept. of Speculation.

Watching:  Stranger Things. I know everyone else has already seen it, but we are slow on the TV watching around here. It's so good! We are about halfway through and I want to watch all of it! I also want to watch this season of Survivor (Gen X vs. Millennials!) but haven't started it yet. Zuzu and Coco have been watching the occasional episode of old-school Mr. Rogers since I saw this TED Talk about kids and TV. It doesn't hold Coco's interest for long, which is totally fine with me.

Listening: I went to Minneapolis a couple of weekends ago and had the BEST time. I visited my friend Natalie, her husband Rob, and their adorable baby, Pete. Looking back, I realize that I should have done more to be helpful to Natalie (new mom and all of that), but she really seemed to have it together, and Pete is an easygoing baby, and so they just took me out to great restaurants and we did a bit of shopping and I learned how to play Settlers of Catan and I showered with Aveda hair products and didn't have to take care of anyone but myself, and it was basically a spa weekend. Except I held Pete a lot and missed Coco a lot and that literally made my boobs ache, which was kinda weird since I stopped breastfeeding Coco two months ago. ANYWAY, all this to say that Natalie and Rob took me to a fabulous bookstore in Minneapolis and I made an impulse purchase of a Roald Dahl audio book on CD: Fantastic Mr. Fox and Other Animal Stories. So we have been listening to this in the car on the way to school and it. is. fabulous. The narrator is so great and obviously Roald Dahl is great. Some of it feels like it might be a bit beyond what the girls can follow (at least Coco) but they are both pretty riveted, and even I enjoy it.

Drinking: Hot tea today. I've come down with a cold--all the sinus drippiness and a sore throat. So unpleasant. I've been popping Cold Calm and drinking tea, but I'm so bummed because I'll have to miss book club tonight as my friend who is hosting it has a new baby and I am not about to be the one who introduces Baby's First Cold Germs at the start of Cold & Flu Season. So I'll be sitting at home with a hot towel on my face.

Eating: Just had a granola bar. Having a cold wipes out my appetite since I can't taste anything. Maybe I'll make a grilled cheese when I get home. Comfort food.

Wearing:  Jeans. It's Friday. But a sleeveless top because it's still 90 degrees here every day.

Loving:  My Ello travel mug from Target. I bought one with a cork bottom and I wish I would have grabbed another one when they went on sale. This one looks cute too. I'm really picky about travel coffee mugs. They must have a screw top (otherwise they leak) and they need to be stainless steel inside (plastic holds flavor and ceramic is for tea. That's just my rule, but I'm strict about following it.)

Anticipating: My brother and his wife, JoAnna, visiting us next week. They are driving back from Seattle to Pittsburgh and stopping in St. Louis for a few days. I'm really looking forward to seeing them.

Hoping: That Zuzu's bug bites clear up. So TWO and a half weeks ago when Zuzu retired from soccer, you may recall that she did so by running off the practice field through an unmowed field of grass and weeds at the park. I gave her a bath that night when she got home and noticed a couple bug bites on her legs. The next night a babysitter put her in pjs while we were at parents night at her preschool. Friday I gave her another bath and HOLY HELL her legs and bottom were covered in angry red bug bites, and there was a smattering on the back/elbow of both arms. I treated with Benadryl itch gel (though they didn't seem to bother her) and then when they got kind of scabby, I put Neosporin on them. The next Monday I pointed them out to the pediatrician at her check up and he agreed with the Neosporin treatment. But they didn't seem to be getting better. She started to look diseased. Some of the bites were getting bigger instead of smaller, and appeared to have bruises spreading from them. I was sending her to school in leggings to cover them up but her teachers were asking me about them, so I kept having to tell people, "I just took her to the doctor; he didn't seem to be concerned." But after a few more days of not getting any better, I called and spoke to a nurse. She suggested Zyrtec(oral allergy medicine) and a hydro-cortisone cream, so I tried that. It made no difference. So on Wednesday (at the two-week mark), I took her back to the doctor. He said it looked like a combination of an allergic reaction and a mild staph infection (cue freak out). He insisted (twice) that she does not have MRSA. He gave me a prescription for an antibiotic ointment, which (thankfully) seems to be taking care of the situation. If it weren't looking better, he was going to call in an oral antibiotic, but I think it's doing the trick, though I already had to call in for a refill because I've used up the entire tube in two days of spreading it all over her arms, legs, and bottom three times a day.

Following: Election numbers with a sick feeling in my stomach. (For the record: I'm with Her. And I have the car magnet to prove it.)

Wondering:  If I can get my kids to sleep by 7:30 and binge watch Stranger Things all night long.

Trying: New hair and make up products because Natalie convinced me to subscribe to Birch Box. She had all these awesome sample size products at her house! And she sent me home with some! And I wanted the excitement of a pretty package arriving in the mail each month! It's definitely an indulgence, but it's pretty fun.

Planning: Weekends for the next couple of months. I'm amazed at how quickly they are filling up, but with fun stuff to do (NOT preschool soccer games!). BBQs and out of town visitors and a trip to my parents' house and shows at the Fox. It feels busy but not too busy, which is pretty perfect.

Contemplating: When to give Zuzu the Halloween costume she's been asking for. She wants to be the Owlette character from the PJ Masks TV show. (So basically no one will have any idea who she is.) I ordered her wings and a mask from Etsy, and I have them hidden downstairs, but I know she will love playing with them so I plan to give them to her early. I just don't want her to lose interest weeks in advance. Coco is going to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween, although Zuzu keeps asking Coco if she wants to be Catboy (from PJ Masks) or a Rainbow Butterfly. I picked up her costume at a consignment shop. It's going to be adorable.

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