Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Conversations with Zuzu

Scene: I'm giving the kids some instructions--probably asking them to be peaceful and not leap off the couches.

ZuzuMommy, I want to tell you something really important. (Dramatic pause, then stage whisper.) The grown-ups don't tell the kids what to do. The kids just do whatever they want to do.

Scene: In the kitchen, discussing something totally unrelated.

Zuzu: Mommy, do trees have bones? 


Scene: Hanging out on the couch after lunch. Coco is napping.

Zuzu: (*toots*)
Zuzu: (politely) Excuse me.
Me: Do you need to go potty or was that just a toot?
Zuzu: Just a toot!
Zuzu: A stinky toot!


Scene: Walking over to our neighbor's new pool.

Zuzu: (with much authority) Coco, these are the rules of the pool: Don't wear a Binky. Put your toes on the edge to jump in. DON'T throw a fit after we swim.


Scene: Practicing soccer with daddy. Kicks the ball past him.

Zuzu: That was awesome! I love winning!


Scene: The jewelry I'd put on the bathroom windowsill is missing. Upon further investigation, I find my bracelet on the floor in Zuzu's room.

Me: Zuzu, do you know where Mommy's wedding ring is?
Zuzu: No.
Me: Are you sure?
Zuzu: Well, it might be in my piggy bank. I think maybe I put it there a long time ago when I was a baby.

(It was in the piggy bank. We then had a chat about not touching my jewelry, but really I should know better than to leave it in the bathroom where it's easily accessible!)


  1. When I was around 11 my mom asks me if I'd seen or taken her wedding ring. I had not, she asked Middle, she had not, she looks everywhere, asks us repeatedly, but it is gone. Until she does laundry, that included Little's favorite pair of overalls that had allll the pockets. Yes, I was very indignant.

  2. Haha I live the winning one and also have you been reading her the lord of the flies?