Monday, August 8, 2016

Baby has a Birthday!

Yesterday, Coco-Puff turned two.

Her face here pretty much says it all:

So of course I had to do a little photo trip down memory lane--the past twelve months of Coco.

On her birthday, last year: August 7, 2015

September 2015- She was barely walking!

October 2015 - Sturdy and happy at a family wedding

November 2015 (I loved those sweet moccasins!)

December 2015 - That sweet little pink nose!

January 2016 (this is her "I know I'm in trouble" grin because she got caught playing with the laptop)

February 2016 - big blue eyes look green in that hoodie

March 2016 - cracking us up in Grammy and Bops's backyard

April 2016 - wearing my vintage baby dress

May 2016 - last day of toddler room, loving on her baby

June 2016 - on vacation in Tahoe

July 2016 - at Moonshine Beach

This past year with Coco has been ridiculously fun. I've loved watching her relationship with Zuzu develop. It's so sweet to see how much those sisters love each other. Coco's vocabulary is exploding and two recent additions are "mermaid" and "plip-plop" (which she always wants to wear, even though she often can't get her toes in quite the right spots). Her new, most frequently asked question is "What you doing?" And when she's offering an affirmative answer, it's almost always an emphatic "Uh-huh!"

She has strong opinions and is not afraid to throw a serious screaming fit in an effort to get her point across. She's at the stage where I sometimes dread going to stores (I've said, "You're being that kid in Target" to her the last two times we've gone). 

She is still a mama's girl and I love her tight squeezes on my neck when I lift her out of her crib in the morning. She has such a great little sense of humor. Being home with her all summer has truly been a gift, but I'm also looking forward to seeing all the ways she grows and learns when she starts school in a week and a half, sporting her new "back-back" and looking like a big kid, no doubt.

In some ways it feels like she's growing up fast because she tries so hard to keep up with Zuzu. But she's little and her hair is still thin on top and she will always be my sweet baby.

Happy birthday, Coco-Puff! We love you so, so much.

Our birthday girl and her made-with-extra-love birthday cake
Same girl, less hair, one candle
brand-spanking new Coco-Puff!


  1. Oh Brand spanking new coco-puff. <3 swoon

  2. She is just darling! Love the made with love cake!!

  3. I loved this. She is totally darling and so loved. We get "pack pack" instead, but all totally cute. She is so big and so little. Love her. xo

  4. Remember when she was Repeat? My how time flies! Those newborn CocoPuff cheeks - nom, nom.

  5. So frickin' cute. :) Happy birthday, Coco!