Sunday, July 3, 2016

Star Power! Lighting Up the Entry Way.

You may remember back when we replaced the dining room light that the entryway was next on the agenda. The light fixture that greeted you when you walked in the front door or went up the stairs was a saggy boob light.

I knew I wanted something else, but making decisions about "permanent" fixtures is obviously something I struggle with. And then there's the blindness of familiarity--I just sort of stopped seeing the saggy boob light.

Finally, I decided to pull the trigger. I ordered a simple schoolhouse light. Loved the shape and the simplicity (and the price--it was less than $100 on Womp-womp. It was way too small and looked ridiculous.

I texted Crafty Cousin Amanda to bemoan my fate, and she sympathized with me and agreed the new light was too little. Old light went back up (David grumbled), schoolhouse light got returned, and I went back to my Pinterest board (I also pin stuff on this board that I'm considering for the landing at the top of the stairs--where the big sister to the old light still resides). I went back to the light I had actually had in mind from the day we moved into the house THREE years ago. I wanted a Moravian star light, and I found several budget-friendly options coming in at less than $200.

I ended up going with the Olivia star pendant from Pottery Barn (which I also like because the name makes me think of my friend Angie's daughter Olivia who is the reason I met Angie through my blog and then a local grief support group).

I scoped it out on ebay, and I could have saved a few bucks by ordering it through there, but the savings wasn't significant, and since I already had to return one light fixture, I decided to go ahead and purchase through the store, just in case. I was a little uncertain about the size. The dimensions were listed online, but it was harder for me to visualize the size when trying to picture the light in a totally different shape. But here is where we ended up!

Measurement-wise, it's really not much bigger than the schoolhouse light, but obviously the dark edges and the fact that it's a pendant and not a semi-flush mount mean that it takes up more space visually.

Anyway, I'm obviously pretty happy with the end result. My brother suggested it looks a little like a medieval weapon, and I kind of like the idea of a little bit of a sharp edge next to my floral stained glass window and rounded front door. But really the traditional symbol of the Moravian star as an advent decoration in the Christmas season is also appealing to me.

And when I look back on the saggy boob light, it's not too hard to feel that we've improved on what was there before.

I don't think I ever did a post on the new carpets we got, so just in case you want a look at the runner for the stairs (back in January), here it is:

I figure the pattern may not be for everyone, but I personally love it. I wanted something interesting on the stairs and I think it adds some interest without being too overwhelming. I couldn't find a great before picture of the exact same angle, but this is pretty close (Zuzu was almost two in this photo!).

I remember the carpet being a little more blue than green, which is how it looks on my computer screen, but you can see that it was well-worn. The teal color was not (quite) as heinous as it looks in the photo, but not my favorite. I think the change has been good! Although I do miss Zuzu being that little snug-but whose hair was just starting to grow.

One more shot, that includes the new light:

Now I can move on to the upstairs landing! I'd like a new light (my heart is set on gold and I'm really drawn to the sputnik lights even though I don't have much midcentury stuff in my house). a new rug (maybe something with fringe!?), and a little console table. Better start pinning!

P.S. In case you're interested...


  1. Love the light and absolutely love the runner for the stairs! Perfect pattern and color combination. Great pick!