Monday, July 25, 2016

Free Consultant

I got a text from my friend Carol last week.

"We are going to paint Noah's room this weekend. What color?"

At first I thought this was maybe a little weird. Why would she text me to ask me what color to paint her son's room?

Then I realized... I know the answer to this question!

Because sometimes I daydream about how I would decorate a boy's room. I went quickly to Pinterest and put in a few search terms, then sent Carol a couple of ideas. She loved the neutral horizontal stripes (yes!) but her husband vetoed them, so they went with the other color suggestion I'd sent.

A couple of days before this, my friend Angie had texted me a photo of her kitchen and asked if I'd add cabinet pulls or not. When I saw it, I knew immediately the hardware I would want to put on the cabinets and sent her the link from Home Depot's website.

Then my friend Katie wanted to know what kind of window treatments I'd do on a big bay window on a budget. My answer (supported by Pinterest) was dark curtain rod, breezy white panels from Ikea with clips, and inexpensive bamboo shades from Home Depot or Lowes on the windows for contrast.

I'm constantly second-guessing all my own decorating choices (including the paint color I just put up in the half bath...) and it takes me FOREVER to decide on something for my house (like a light fixture or new curtains or kitchen hardware), but for some reason it's really easy for me to tell other people what they should do!

But seriously. You want nursery themes that aren't too themey? I've got them in my brain file.  Wondering if you should wallpaper your laundry room? You should! Thinking about what sofa would look best in your mid-century ranch? For some inexplicable reason, I've been thinking about that, too! What would I do if I moved into a new build and wanted to give it some personality? I've been considering this. You know, just in case?

I am actually super glad that people are asking me for ideas because it makes me feel like it's a good use of my time to read home decor blogs and magazines and browse Pinterest for ideas that are completely unrelated to my house. Kristin's bathroom reveal has me wanting to totally gut my bathroom and just carbon copy everything she did, but since that's not realistic at the moment, I'll just wait until someone asks me what color they should paint their bathroom.


  1. I was not expecting that last paragraph! I'm so flattered!

    So, bring your good taste over here and help me on this project keeping me up till midnight every night. ;) (I've got wine.)

  2. Brooke! I'm so glad to read this! I am going crazy over here in our new place as there is a TON to do! It is pretty much a blank slate (as in, the entire house is the same shade of beige) with some dated amenities (that I have a love/hate relationship with, but mostly hate) I am totally going to be asking you for ideas now! Anytime I ask my husband, he shrugs and tells me it will all come together "in time" and it's driving me crazy! I need input! Like...qualified input.

    Be expecting some emails from with pictures attached and lots of questions! I always love the things you post about your home. Thanks in advance!

    Love, Nora

    1. I love this! Brooke is the best. Joe could care less either. He was like "oh so if Brooke tells you what to do you don't have to ask me? Go for it!"

    2. OMG I'm all over it. Email me! I love to think about it.

  3. You're the best! Thanks for coming out today! My kids had a blast with your kids!

    1. We had fun, too! But now I'm in no-nap purgatory. Boo.