Saturday, June 4, 2016

Simplifying: Let's Start With Jewelry

Oh, don't worry. This is not a post about how we're going completely screen-free for the summer and surviving solely on produce from our urban garden.

In fact, my mom and I were browsing in a little shop on the square today. (I justify a lot of shopping in Nevada as supporting small/local businesses, and also my dad was home with the girls who were both napping. I don't have much alone time for browsing boutiques in STL, which is both a real shame and a real money saver.) I was admiring their jewelry, and thinking about all the cute tassel earrings I've been seeing. I think they are adorable--I like these, these, and these--but right now I feel like I am keeping track of so many things that something has to give, and for me, that something has become jewelry.

I always admire jewelry when other people wear it--my friend Beth rocks an arm full of bangles like nobody's business, and I think statement necklaces look really chic, and I know that the right jewelry can pull an entire outfit together. One of my favorite cousins (not Crafty Cousin Amanda this time) has started selling some beautiful jewelry, and though I am totally supportive of this venture, I just can't mess with big necklaces and bangle bracelets right now. This may be a particular season of my life, or I may just end up being a simple jewelry person, but I am putting a moritorium on jewelry for the time being.

Anything dangly gets yanked on by small children or caught on diaper bags or backpacks or tangled in my clothes when I'm throwing on a tank top to run to barre class (literally, because it's right down the street and I always seem to be running late when it's time to go). Bracelets bug me when I'm typing on my computer (or get yanked on by Coco when I'm buckling her in the car seat). I usually wear a watch when I'm teaching (the clocks in some of my classrooms are unreliable), but that's Work Apparel only.

I like wearing rings, but I have to remove them to apply (and reapply) sunscreen, so even that gets tiresome (and sometimes near panic-inducing when I realize I'm not wearing my rings and forget for a moment that I put them in a pocket or billfold).

This summer, I'm simplifying jewelry to my wedding ring (and probably my engagement ring) and on my right hand, a ring stamped with "eliza" that David got me for Mother's Day (kind of like this one it's part of a stacked set with the other girls' names as well, but if I really want to keep it simple I'll just wear hers--the other girls have plenty of presence).

I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 21, and I love earrings, but since Zuzu was born, I rarely wear anything dangly unless maybe I'm getting dressed up for a special ocasion. I have a sweet pair of tiny diamonds that my great-aunt gave me as a shower gift for Eliza before she was born, but most days I wear a pair of small gold studs (sort of similar to these) because I like them but (unlike the little diamonds), I wouldn't be devastated if I lost one.

If I'm really feeling fancy, I'll put on a necklace with a thin chain and a small charm--I rotate through a gold chain with a coin charm David got for me when we went to Italy, a tiny silver anchor, and a rose gold "b" initial (similar to this) that I wear most often. I also have a necklace with three discs engraved with the girls' names, but it's weightier and clangier (drawing Coco's grabby attention), so I don't wear it as often. The others are so lightweight I can forget I have them on.

Wearing a little bit of jewelry makes me feel a little bit put together even when I have on cut off shorts and a baseball cap, and obviously I feel very sentimental about my rings. Freedom from accessorizing this summer seems like simple a way to streamline things. And when I find myself trying to keep track of hats, water bottles, sunscreen, chapstick, diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, Baby Keya or Baby Onion or Baby Maria or whatever else, plus and an endless supply of snacks every single time we leave the house, I could use some simplification.

Am I just stating the obvious here, or have you found the secret to Doing It All while also wearing all the cute and trendy jewelry? Do you prefer your jewelry simple regardless of whether the rest of your life feels crazy? Do you not wear jewelry at all? Do you put it on even if you're just wearing yoga pants? Do you wear the same sentimental pieces every day or do you like to rotate? Do you wear statement pieces to punch up simple outfits? Do you have tassel earrings? (I'm a fan!)


  1. Simple, simple. Wedding rings, Bear and Bode necklace, diamond earrings that my grandpa gave my grandma for their 25th anniversary. I'd be devastated to lose those obviously, but I literally never take them off. They sat safely unworn for a couple years until I decided that was silly and I've now worn them for 15 years. The only thing I change them for is rarely pearl studs. I'm so boring. I keep trying to find the perfect Bear bracelet and I have a couple now that I like but I haven't found one I can wear all the time that doesn't get in the way. I feel naked without a necklace.
    Keeping track of all the odds and ends is hard. Today we ended up at the beach with water and suit and extra clothes for Bode but no sunscreen, hat or sunglasses for either of us. Partial success?

    1. I'm like you. I wear the diamond earrings my husband gave me on New Years Eve, 1999/2000. (Y2K!) He told me they were to celebrate a big year - and then we bought our house, got engaged and got married. They seemed to bring good luck, so I never take them out. He bought me pearls, but I've worn them maybe three times.

      I have a very simple engagement ring and wedding ring that we designed. I rarely wear necklaces and have very few. I own about six bracelets, that I wear occasionally, but usually forget to. I have to take them off to work, so it seems sort of pointless, but sometimes they elevate my black jeans so I look like I put some effort into my work wardrobe!

      Love the girls' rings.

    2. Forgot to mention, I have never worn dangling earrings in my life. I can't imagine wearing them with a small child that I hold. My sister grabbed my mom's earring when she was a toddler and pulled it through her earlobe. It never healed correctly, and she's worn clip on earrings ever since to hide it. The thought of that grosses me out - seems like they would be so easy to catch on something.

      I do think a simple hoop earring is cool, but I'm about as far away from the tassel trend as I can even imagine! But I'll admire them on you one day, I'm sure. ;)

  2. Simple. I usually wear pearl earrings every day that were a gift from my brother and sister when I left for West Point, a gold necklace with Cale's name on a small disc, and my wedding rings. I often wear a bracelet, but the rest are my staples. If working out I still wear cales necklace and my earrings (if not the pearls I wear diamonds from my mother in law) and a rubber wedding band.

  3. A friend of mine recently made some resolutions about her adultness. She decided to do her hair daily, wear mascara, wear nice shoes to work. I have made similar resolutions, in the exact opposite direction. I chopped my hair right the hell off because I don't want to spend any extra time on it. I'm wearing lighter less obvious make up, with the not yet stated but much contemplated goal of just not wearing any. I want to be enough.
    My BFF accessorizes like nobody's business. My sister has makeup down to an art form. Literally, she names them.
    I wear what is called halo earrings, so one hoop for 2 holes. I own no other earrings. I wear my wedding and engagement rings, and a watch. The end.

    I feel like this is why I get tattoos. So much less to think about. They're there. Whether I remember them or not.

    Also, I just keep my rings on for sunscreen. And everything else. I like my jewelry like I like my clothes; durable. There's no dry cleaning at casa amelia, hang dry is pushing it, I'm looking at you fuzzy pants.

  4. Add on: I wear my rings to yoga but not kickboxing. It hurts to punch with rings.

  5. I don't wear a lot of jewelry anyway because I have an allergy to nickel/aluminum and even 24k gold earrings make my ears infected. However, I truly don't wear anything except a skinny rose gold band as my wedding ring because even my slightly thicker band and engagement ring were driving me crazy. I love jewelry, but it's just not worth the hassle.

  6. I adore jewelry, and I have a ton of it, mostly cheap costume stuff but a few nicer pieces too. However, I find myself wearing less & less of it these days, especially since I've stopped working. I put on my wedding, engagement & anniversary rings and my watch every day, but I don't even always wear earrings. When I go out of the house, though, I do put on earrings. And I like wearing bracelets -- I have two Pandora bracelets -- one a regular silver bracelet & the other a silver bangle that has all my Christmas/winter=themed charms on it, and a silver bead bracelet that I got at Tiffany's Fifth Avenue as my NYC trip souvenir. ;) I don't wear necklaces very much these days, and if I do, I prefer longer lengths. There's something about having a chain sitting right around my neck that makes me feel itchy. :p