Saturday, April 30, 2016

60th Birthdays!

I had all kinds of plans to document the birthday party last weekend with lots of photos. As it turns out, it is very difficult to hold a bulky camera and a sick toddler. As a result, my photos are fewer than I'd intended, but I thought I'd share these anyway...

I helped fund a kickstarter project that's a book with detailed instructions on taking photos of your kids 12 months a year. I'm working on shooting in manual mode, and this book helped with that. This attempt to capture a photo of Zuzu makes me laugh.

Coco loves when Zuzu pedals the trike and she can stand on the back. It makes everyone else nervous.

This is just before the party. You can tell Coco isn't feeling well because we've already given her the binky. (Normally, binky is reserved for bed time and carseat. When she's this miserable, it's all binky all the time.)

Trying to get a photo of the four of them was an exercise in futility. The worst offender was Bops, who was either looking away from the camera or appearing totally dazed and confused.

Once we cut the side kicks, my parents managed to both smile at the same time. Their shirts both read, "At my age, I need glasses!" Hardy-har-har.

Welcome sign. Time constraints forced me to give up on adjusting the lettering long before I was ready. I need more practice!

Cute table at the front with baby pictures of my dad and mom and scrapbooks created by their moms.

The back side of the welcome board. Do you know anyone born in 1956? Are they named Mary, Debra, Linda, Michael, James, or Robert?

You can't tell (again, I'm kicking myself for the lack of photos) but this is the front/side window. The signs read "60 is only 15 in Scrabble" and "At 60 years old, your birthday suit requires ironing."

This shot was taken at the start of the party and sort of captures the set up. There were tables along each side with those lantern lights hanging above. I didn't get a picture of the buffet spread, which was great, or the "Sweet Spot" with all the dessert treats. #photofail

My parents' friend Alfred and I were obviously taking photos of each other taking photos. Note how miserable Coco looks--this is why there's no picture of the buffet spread or Sweet Spot!

I spent most of the night like this. (That's my aunt Tammi next to us.)

This is probably a photo of Zuzu's cousin Mesa contracting HFM disease. (Sorry, Mesa!) My mom bought this castle for the girls at a garage sale that morning. As you can guess, it was a huge hit at the party.

Coco and I were heading home for the night, but I insisted on a quit group photo before we left. Of course Grammy has her eyes closed.

I ended up leaving David at home with sleeping Coco and coming back up to the party to hang out for another hour or so. It was a really fun night, and most people enjoyed themselves more than poor Coco did! We missed my brother and Jo, who were unable to come in for the weekend, but we were glad to be there to celebrate 60 years of Grammy and Bops!


  1. Zuzu is starting to look like she's 8!

  2. I had no idea your dad's name was Tom. Looks more like a Bop to me. Do people always call him Tom the tool man Taylor? (I know it's Really Tim but still)

    Glad you could help them celebrate. We threw a surprise party for my mom's 60th which was so fun. I don't think we did anything for my poor dad!

    1. Yes, I'm sure he has heard that (mostly in the '90s haha). But his brother's name IS Tim Taylor, so he probably gets it more often.