Thursday, March 31, 2016

Conversations with Zuzu

Frozen, Now With a Creepy Incestuous Plot Twist...

Zuzu reading Frozen (the little golden book) out loud:

"And then Anna said, 'Can I marry Hans?' and Elsa said, 'No! You have to marry me!'"


Just in case I needed a reminder...

On our way home from Dairy Queen, I'm pushing the double stroller, the girls are eating ice cream bars.

Zuzu: Mommy, you wanted to have three little girls! But you only have two because Eliza die-ed.


Looking forward to this in twelve and a half years...

Zuzu: When I'm a grown up, I'm going to be a Mommy!

Me: You are? You are going to have babies?

Zuzu: Yeah! When I'm SIXTEEN I am!

Me: Wow! Sixteen? Are you sure?

Zuzu: Yes. That's SO MANY. And this is how many babies I will have. (Holds out her hand, thumb tucked in.)

Me: Four babies? When you're sixteen?

Zuzu: Yes! And they will be all girls and one boy.


When your hands have a will of their own...

Me: What happened to Coco?

Zuzu: Well, I pushed her. But I didn't really push her! My hands just shot out like this (pushes hands forward forcefully) all by themself! (pause, while I try to think of something to say and try to keep a straight face) Is that pretty funny?


Melting my heart into a pile of goo as we sit in the rocking chair, holding Coco.

Zuzu: (gently pats Coco's cheek) I just love this little baby.


Watch out for those leprechauns!

Backstory: On St. Patrick's Day, I'd told Zuzu that if we didn't wear green, little leprechauns would come and pinch us (I decided on this version of the tradition to avoid encouraging her to pinch others).

Zuzu: (to Coco, who is climbing up on the couch, trying to get Zuzu's characters) Coco, if you don't stop it, the leprechaun is going to come and SPANK YOUR BOTTOM!


  1. Haha! How did David like the teen mom story? I bet she could even get a spot on 16 and Pregnant if that's still around by then! And maybe the 3 girls and 1 boy is a sign ;)
    Lucas just told Matthew he loves Ethan more. Matthew smirked at him and said, "No, you don't."
    Fun times all around!

  2. lol. love these stories.

    Grace has announced she wants a baby girl, and she wants to name it Strawberry. :|

  3. Just popped over to your blog from Coffee & Crumbs! (Your post there was so wonderful. Thank you!)

    These stories have my laughing out loud in Starbucks.