Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Year and a Half of Coco-Puff

Coco at eighteen months is a friendly, feisty, funny little peanut. She's still very much a mama's girl, but she's also Zuzu's shadow. You'll frequently find her clomping around the house in one high-heeled shoe, putting her babies to bed and tucking them in, or flipping through Brown Bear, Brown Bear, or any book about animals, especially ones with textured pages. She is obsessed with animal books right now, and barely tolerates books that feature anything else. Her favorite way to read is on my lap, leaning back against me and helping to turn the pages.

She's still a big fan of mama-milk, though we've negotiated our way down to twice a day (instead of 3-4 middle of the night nursing sessions!). It's still the sweetest way to end and start the day, so we're going to roll with this for a while, I think.

I was telling my mom the other night that when Zuzu was 18 months old, I had a written-out list of all the words she could say. I definitely don't have that for Coco, but she is talking quite a bit these days. "Mama" is often "Mommy" now. Every dog is "Bubba!" and she can also say "Cooper" and (of course) "Zuzu." She can say Minnie, ball, wash (sounds like weesh--and handwashing is a favorite activity, demanded every time Zuzu pees on the potty and washes her hands), binky, Bops, banana, apple, milk, kitty, shoe, sock, mitten, bye-bye, owie, brrrr, nigh-night... (Okay, the list is long enough and not interesting to anyone but me.)

She cracks us up because she'll frequently reply, "Huh?" to something that we say. Zuzu will repeat the question or comment over and over and Coco will continue to respond with "Huh?" as though she's just completely bewildered.

Picking her up at daycare is always so sweet. Zuzu is frequently with me, and when Coco spots us, she gets the hugest smile on her face and runs over us, hugging Zuzu and then turning to me with outstretched arms. When I pick her up, she squeezes me tight and then pats my back gently.

She will still wake up usually once during the night, requiring mama's assistance retrieving the binky and patting her back to sleep.

Her appetite is enormous right now--maybe it's a growth spurt? She eats more than Zuzu does and will often finish off Zuzu's meal! Favorite foods include little cuties, meatballs, apples (both girls like to gnaw on them whole), "icicles" (popsicles), cheese, broccoli, bagels, pancakes, and crackers. She has much more of a sweet tooth than her sister does.

Speaking of teeth, she's got a lot of them, though just three front teeth on the bottom row, which gives her a very cute, just slightly lopsided grin.

She loves dogs so much and was enthralled by the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet that played before the Superbowl. Cooper is really rotten about trying to snatch food from her hand, even when she's in her booster seat, so often her first reaction to getting a snack is to look at him and say, "No, no, Bubba!"

Zuzu often incorporates her into games, and Coco obliges playing chase and mostly cooperates when playing Frozen. In fact, I was surprised at how excited she was to put on the dress-up Princess Anna dress that she got for Christmas. She really seemed delighted with it, and will often choose to wear a tiara around the house, though she still won't tolerate headbands of any sort, and doesn't keep a hat on for long unless it's really cold outside. She also wants to be barefoot all the time.

Seeing the two of them play together is one of my favorite things ever, and I'm especially grateful for the way Zuzu is really patient and loving with Coco the vast majority of the time. Sometimes she's too demonstrative for Coco's taste, but aside from the occasional squabble over a toy, they really get along so well. I like to imagine it will always be like this, but from what I've heard from friends who have sisters close in age, I expect there will be some epic disagreements in our future!

Coco's bedtime routine is the easiest right now. She and Zuzu take a bath together. Coco likes baths, but doesn't love the water the way Zuzu does, and she's always ready to get out first. Her favorite part is running around naked after bath! I usually have to wrestle her into a diaper and jammies, and then she kisses sister and daddy good night, and we read three books (all featuring animals), then turn out the light and have mama milk and singing time. She pops a binky in and we snuggle just a minute longer before I lay her in her crib and pat her back for a minute or two to get her settled in.

Some mornings she's up and calling for me. She usually gets fussy if she wakes up before I'm in there. Other mornings she's still snoozing by 7:00am when I go in and open her curtains, and then she wakes up and grins as soon as she sees me. I love picking her up when she's all warm and cozy in her footy pajamas and she buries her face in my neck and cuddles me.

She is rarely cooperative about diaper changes, which is both irritating and puzzling. I don't remember this issue with Zuzu at all, but Coco is the squirmiest! I try to explain that it would be over fast if she would JUST HOLD STILL. But to no avail. At least she still lets me pick out her clothes without argument.

Drop offs at school are always smooth, which is such a relief. She loves her teacher so much, and is always content to go to her and sit down for breakfast when she arrives at school. Sometimes she waves goodbye to me, other times she's too focused on eating her second breakfast of the day. She sits at a little table with her little toddler friends and looks all grown up except with her funny baby hair that's filling in a bit faster than Zuzu's did, but is still pretty sparse on top!

Coco moves really fast these days. Her short little legs can really get her places. She still crawls up and down the stairs (thank goodness). Her round blue eyes are still pretty enormous, but she scrunches up and squints her entire face when she sees me taking a picture with my phone and says, "Cheeeeeese!"

Cold February days always have us looking forward to spring, to warmer temperatures (and baseball season), even though this has been a very mild winter (though today temps are freeeeezing and we have a bit of snow). I'm really excited about this spring and summer though, as the girls are older and I think will have so much fun playing together. I'm already envisioning trips to the botanical garden, to splash pads, and of course lots of walks to our neighborhood park with two little girls in sundresses.

In the meantime, we're doing the bundle-up thing. Coco laughs and says, "Brrrr!" anytime we step outside into the cold wind. It's so cheesy, but holding her close and hearing her giggle... well, it warms me up every time.


  1. Oh my goodness. They are so adorable. I can't believe how big they have both gotten. I had to blink and look twice at the picture of Zuzu in the snowman shirt, she looks way too big! :( It seems like CoCo was just born to me still, I can't believe she's already on her way to 2. I'm glad they get along so well, that's definitely the best feeling ever.

  2. Your girls are adorable together. Two years after losing Nut, I am cautiously expecting our rainbow and we have been told it will be another girl (with the Harmony test, so hopefully it's reliable). So like you I will (hopefully, hopefully) be a mama to two girls on earth and one in my heart. And I am happy, as I desperately wanted my eldest to experience having a little sister. I hope it works, and I hope they are as sweet together as Coco and Zuzu! Sending love, Cara x