Thursday, November 12, 2015

Veterans Day, One Day Late

I'm late for Veterans Day, but I still wanted to share these photos of my two favorite vets--my grandfathers. This first photo is my mom's parents, taken the day they got married. I'm obsessed with the fringe on the shoulders of my grandma's dress, and how awesome is her hair?

Gpa Vance, WWII
This photo is my dad's parents. I'm not sure when it was taken (well, we know it sometime around 1950-1953... Crafty Cousin Amanda sent it to me but didn't give me any details). What is extra-adorable about it is that Nana and Papa so closely resemble my cousins Rebekah and Bradley. It's almost freakish how genetics work in those cases.

Papa, Korean War
I'm thankful for their service, and the men and women who served alongside them and kept them safe, and those who continue to put their lives at risk for what we all hope is a greater good. If only the legacy of their military efforts, and those of so many others, could be that my daughters grow up in a world without war. 

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  1. I am never not shocked at how much your mom looks like your Grandma Vance. Wild!!