Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Elk* on the Shelf

She's here! Her name is Elsa. She makes Zuzu slightly nervous.

When Zu saw her (coyly perched on the mantel, sitting next to a gift for Zuzu--a gingerbread house kit for the girl who can't get enough of "Hansel and Gretel"), the first thing she said was, "Oh, she's tiny!"

But she still won't get close to her without holding my hand.

She's very interested in the fact that touching her can make her lose her magic (knowing she has magical powers may have influenced the naming process--David wanted to call her elf something cute like Snowflake, but I wanted Zuzu to name her by herself, so we ended up with Elsa). Zu also told us a long story about how when she (Zuzu, not Elsa) was a baby, she could fly, but then someone touched her legs and she lost her magic powers (very sad face).

After we named Elsa, read the book once more, and then filled out the back page, I asked Zuzu how she felt about Elsa being at our house. "Excited, and a little afraid," she said.

*not a typo--Zuzu is still calling her Elsa the Elk and it's really too charming to correct her pronunciation 


  1. I'm only sad that you don't actually have a tiny, magical, elk named Elsa hanging out in random locations in your house.

    And I'm sad that Zuzu can no longer fly. Her imagination is brilliant!