Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Evening, Home Again

I don't like being exhausted on Sunday night. But this weekend was worth it. I drove with the girls to Memphis to visit my aunt and cousin and to see my friend Molly and her kids. More on that visit later (and on my three-year-old's atrocious behavior--yeesh). 

For now, I'll just say it's nice to get back home to David and clean sheets and a tidy house (for all his craziness, not every husband would thoroughly clean the house when home alone for the weekend, and I'm so grateful!). 

Another full week ahead of us, but if I can just get through it, it will be Thanksgiving and then the last week of class. I'm not planning beyond that, yet.

I'm really not ready to look ahead to December and all it brings... This year Zuzu understands birthdays so that will add a new sad/sweet element to Eliza's birthday. This is also the year she really gets Christmas, so that will be so fun, though I expect it will also be a little bittersweet. I usually prep for my sadness slump by getting shopping and Christmas cards taken care of, but I've bought 1.5 Christmas gifts and I need to get organized.

David's grandma is doing okay since going home last Monday. Not much improvement and still feeling quite uncomfortable, but will continue with another round of chemo and hope that stuff is doing its job. She'll have a scan in December to see if there is a measurable difference in the cancer. 

Zu asked me out of the blue today if Grandma Peppa was feeling better yet. She can be so sweet, which is comforting since she was an exercise in toddler sociopathy for much of the weekend.


  1. Three, in my experience, has always been worse than two. I'm sorry for your loss (of sanity). It's temporary, though, because four and up are like magic.

    My sisters and I had lunch at a nice restaurant yesterday. At 6:00, I noted how that's the hour of every Sunday that I get mad that the next day is Monday. 6:00 on Sundays makes me feel like I've done NOTHING worthwhile. Monday mornings always suffer.

    I have bought one gift.

  2. Just catching up on your older posts.

    Sorry about the threenager! They are called threenagers for a reason! 4 has been better until recently but hopefully starting to turn a corner.

    Soo jealous of the clean house. I would take all 3 kids by myself ANYWHERE if it would mean coming home to a clean house. Joe would play video games the whole time we were gone, and it would probably be even messier than we left no.

    I have bought nothing yet. Thank god for Amazon.

    We will have to plan some playdates for December while you are off!