Saturday, November 7, 2015


I really missed David today.

He gets home tomorrow and we're all looking forward to it. There's no significant update on his grandma. She is being released from the hospital tomorrow, but she hasn't had much improvement. The pain that caused her to get admitted is now being managed, but the source of her discomfort is the lymphoma, which is wreaking havoc on her internal organs. It will be a couple of weeks before we'll know if the dose of chemo she got this week is doing its job. So now it's just a waiting game, hoping that things improve and knowing that things could get really bad really fast if they don't get better.

I just keep thinking that five weeks ago, she was at our house, feeling so good. We walked to the park! We got Great Pumpkins at Ted Drewes! She started planning this trip to Hawaii for January. I just can't believe this turn of events, and I hate it. I'm glad David was able to spend the week there--I know he was an enormous support for his grandma, and it was important that he be there for her.

The week was so busy that it passed pretty quickly, and I was laughing today, though, because I had SO LITTLE laundry to do. David generates as much laundry as the rest of us put together, seriously! He always wears at least two outfits a day because he changes out of work clothes as soon as he gets home and he also works out most mornings and he wears a shirt and an undershirt to work everyday, so 2/3 of the laundry I do is just his clothes.

I'd make him do his own laundry, but then he might make me do my own cooking. And this week, I ate scrambled eggs, cheese and crackers, and macaroni for dinner. If I hadn't had to feed the girls, I would have just had popcorn or cereal. I'm in awe of people who rock at making dinner. I like to eat good food, but evidently not enough to actually bother preparing it. At least not after daylight savings time. (I mean seriously. It's so freaking dark!)

Last night, I hit my quota of adult conversation by calling my brother and catching up with him. Today, we made the most of the cool but nice weather by meeting up with my friend Jamie and her boys at the botanical gardens. Zuzu was unexpectedly shy around the boys and acted totally weird for most of the morning. She wanted to ride in the stroller instead of walk, and she wouldn't talk and hid her face. The children's area was closed for the season, which I didn't realize until we got there, but we hit the maze and fed the fish and by then we'd walked enough (those of us who were NOT riding in the stroller, that is) to be tired and ready for lunch.

Zuzu did not want to take her hand out of her mouth or look up at me.

When I insisted, I got this gem. Note the finger on her right hand. An accident?

The thing about hanging out with my friends and their kids is that I love seeing them and their kids but I feel like we don't actually get to have a conversation. We talk nonstop, but we're constantly interrupted or interrupting ourselves to regulate something or ask if someone has to pee or whatever, and I often find that I'm too distracted to even remember stories that I wanted to tell or questions that I wanted to ask. So I saw Jamie today but I don't really feel like we caught up. That's why our girls' nights dinners are so crucial.

Here I'm recycling my Instagram feed. Cuteness doesn't get old, so you won't be bored.

Warming up to the boys at last. Coco was damned if she'd let me get a shot of all four of them, though.

Lunch was at one of my favorite local coffee shops and the kids were really quite well-behaved.

Nay-Fun and Zuzu
Coco was absolutely insistent about sitting in a chair by herself, which made me totally nervous, but she did just fine. She ate more of Zuzu's lunch than Zuzu did. I wish she'd get a few more words, because she communicates by yelling and I just have to guess what it is she wants. Water? Binky? Milk? Food? Toy? Mama? She CAN talk--she says "wow" and "baby" and "Zuzu" and "mama" and "dada" and "ball" and "doggie" and "Bubba" and "Cooper" and today it sounded like she said "jacket," although I think that was  fluke. But when she's mad, she's just yelling.

Most of the time, she's a happy girl. I love her laugh.
Coco took a nice long nap this afternoon and I let Zuzu watch Mickey Mouse's [Godforsaken] Clubhouse so that I could have a few minutes of relative quiet. When we went to the grocery store tonight, a woman in the yogurt section commented (nicely) on how much Zuzu talks. When she's in a chatty mood, she talks incessantly. She narrated the entire trip through the grocery store, with a million questions thrown in. And I don't mind the questions so much, except when they are (1) questions to which she OBVIOUSLY already knows the answer; (2) questions that have been asked and answered multiple times in the previous ten minutes (see (1)); (3) completely nonsensical questions that I can't even begin to make up an answer to because they don't make any sort of logical or grammatical sense (not that this will prevent her from repeating the question over and over again). Many of her questions fall into one of those three categories, especially in the car, requiring me to do a lot of zen breathing exercises.

When we had friends over on Halloween, Bea's mom would tell Bea to touch her nose if she was listening. It was a cute trick that totally worked for getting her attention, so I've stolen it and put it to good use. I also modify it: "Touch your nose if you're going to use your restaurant manners." "Touch your nose if you're ready to put on your shoes." I don't know what it is about the Simon-Says aspect of it, but it certainly beats me nagging her seventy million times to put her freaking shoes on. (Which I did today, before I remembered the nose trick.)

Touch your nose if you think Mommy needs more wine.

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    Anxiously awaiting news of David's grandma with you. Glad he's home now, but glad he was with her.

    Also, love zuzus cute puffy vest!