Saturday, November 14, 2015


Can we talk about Podcasts for a sec? I do a lot of Podcast listening. I have about 30 minutes alone in my car on my way to and from work, and considering I'm not someone who really loves driving (if given the choice, I'd almost always prefer that someone else drive), I've found that I actually look forward to this time, mostly because of good listening material. I try to hit the NPR news on the hour, but then I turn on a podcast and just listen without the tension, guilt, or despair I often feel when I listen to the news.

My go-to favorites are Snap Judgment (I love Glynn Washington's voice SO MUCH) and the Moth story hour. This American Life is a weekly listen. My podcast obsession started, of course, with Serial (I think he's innocent). But what else should I be hearing?

I enjoyed The Mystery Show and also Invisibilia. sometimes I listen to Throwing Shade, Fresh Air, and, occasionally, In Our Time and Stuff You Missed in History Class. I can sometimes get into The Longest Shortest Time. I started Limetown, but David and I decided to wait until the first season is complete because we are binge listeners and this business of waiting weeks for the next episode is too much for us.

Recently, my friend Erin told us about the Black Tapes podcast, which is a fictional investigation into paranormal activity. It's highly entertaining but kind of scary--sometimes it has me seeing shadowy figures everywhere! I'm almost finished with season one, and then what will I do on my drive to work?

So any other recommendations? I like good stories, nerdy stuff, and spin offs of anything nerdy and good. 


  1. I don't really know any podcasts except one (that a friend does, and that I'm going to be interviewed for next week) and while it scores highly on the "nerdy" axis, that's about the only one of the ones you're interested in. It's History of Philosophy Without Gaps:

  2. I have so many....
    One Bad Mother (my favorite!)
    Stuff Mom Never Told You (feminist history and pop culture topics)
    99% Invisible (popular because it's actually that good)
    Storycorps Podcast (more in-depth than what's aired on Friday mornings)
    Welcome to Nightvale (Andy and I listen to this one together, so its been slow going

  3. Did you see the new NPR app of podcasts? Like a big roundup, and sortable by categories, etc. called earbud I think. I listen to The Splendid Table while I run, which is nerdy, but I just don't get into music. And I could listen to talk about food all day long.

  4. There's some Marcus listens to when working on the house - Mystery and Reply All, pretty good. And Start Up. Gimlet Media productions I think. And since you're driving alone, there's always Savage Love. ;) did you ever catch the This American Life where Dan Savage tells the story about his mother dying and her religious beliefs vs his non beliefs. Such a good story but you'll cry so listen on the way home.

  5. Radiolab, Criminal, The Beginning of the End and The Story Collider. I also listen on my commute.

  6. I just finished Serial and can't wait for it to come back. I like the TED Radio Hour with Guy Roz and also really like the Nerdist podcasts with Chris Hardwick (yes the guy who was on Singled Out with Jenny McCarthy back in THE day) - it's fun to pick a Nerdist with a celebrity you are interested in and hear more about their creative process and just ... everything. So far I've listened to the Joseph Gordon-Levitt interview, Paul McCartney, Eddie Izzard and Tina Fey. Podcasts kind of make me laugh because it's like we've come full circle - everyone gather around their radio now for the next episode of Flash Gordon! Cheers - CT

  7. You're my podcast spirit animal. I'll also add - Love and Radio, Hidden Brain, StoryCorps, Criminal, Undisclosed (innocent - Don did it) and StarTalk.