Saturday, November 14, 2015


(I'm late only because I didn't have wifi last night!) I wanted to post here a link to a petition for funding research into understanding and preventing stillbirth. There are significant number of babies who die for unknown reasons. Although I was determined to be heterogeneous for a clotting factor, it was not ruled as the cause of Eliza's death. Her loss remains unexplained, as do so many others. 

The hope is that increased research can lower the number of grieving parents by understanding more about these mysterious cases, and by working to prevent death from causes we can pinpoint, such as umbilical cord accidents.

The petition is available here for you to sign. As the friend who emailed it to me pointed out, there is a typo in the opening sentence. That's crappy, but doesn't diminish the importance of this cause. I also heard that if they get 10,000 signatures that Congress will respond to the request. Considering 1 in every 160 babies is stillborn, I would imagine we could hit that number.

Please consider signing here:


  1. I am sooooo mad about the typo, but am still promoting too... Geez. I hope it can get 10,000 sigs.

  2. I noticed the typo too! I was afraid it was done in haste... But regardless, moving forward, right?