Monday, November 2, 2015

NaNoBloMo and Grandma Peppa

 It's November. I'm not writing a novel this year (next year, though, I might take another crack at it!) but I am challenging myself to blog every damn day for a month. So get excited!

Today I'm home with Coco, who has an ear infection and a serious case of the crankies and the clingies. I've got big plans for nap time (grading! Laundry! Putting away Halloween decorations!) so I'm hoping she sleeps well. Of course, it also means I need to put the snoozing nugget in her crib and she's just so sweet and snuggly and peaceful when she's sleeping...

David's grandma is in the hospital, so he went to see her today and be there for conversations with her doctor. Grandma Peggy (known around these parts as Grandma Peppa) is a real go-getter with energy to spare, and we're all still shocked and upset by the news. Her lymphoma has returned. She was originally diagnosed two years ago and had successful chemotherapy treatment, but this summer it came back and required another round of chemo treatments. We thought that had gone well, but now it's evidently back and has  brought with it some complications that are causing her a lot of pain. Cancer is such an asshole.

It's the crappiest of craptastic situations and we hope that her doctors can come up with a plan to give her the best care and make her feel better ASAP. We'd hoped that Grandma Peppa and her new boyfriend (!) would be visiting us for Thanksgiving, so now we'll see if that will still be possible.

I'm glad David was able to go down there and be with her today. She told him not to come because they didn't know anything yet, but this morning I said that he should probably be there if the news is bad and if he goes and the news is good, it's not like he'll be sorry he went. So he surprised her by showing up. I am confident that she was glad to see him. 

Ok. I made myself lay the baby down, so I'd better get some stuff done. Here's to 28 more days of faithful blogging--I'm hoping I'll be posting good news about Grandma Peppa before the month is out.


  1. Wishing health to Grandma Peppa. (New boyfriend made me giggle and blush.) I've never successfully completed NaBloPoMo, but this is the most determined I've ever been so, we'll see.

  2. I hope for good news as well. Love that David went. That's what family (good ones) are for.

  3. Oh, I'm hoping for good news. I've smiled about the boyfriend since we talked about it the other day. It brightened my day.

    Good luck with the daily blogging. I'm shooting for three times a week! :)

  4. I'm sorry Grandma Peppa is sick. I hope they help her feel better!!!

  5. So sorry about Grandma Peppa, but I'm glad David went to see her. I am sure they were both glad that he did, in the end.

    Good luck with the daily blogging -- I may try it some year. In the past, this was always my busy time with work, and this year, the painting project has been all consuming for the past three weeks.