Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Materialistic Christmas Wish List

I've found that people are divided when it comes to Christmas wish lists. In my family, we always do wish lists. You name some items you'd be thrilled to get, or at least give a general category ("Dad needs a new flannel shirt."). My brother usually buys literally from my Amazon wish list, which can get funky because sometimes I put stuff on there that is more of a "Remember this exists and you might want to think more about it or request it from the library later" and less of a "OMG I totes want this."

David's family, on the other hand, does not do wish lists as (allegedly) the surprise is part of the fun!

I may have written about this before, but the first Christmas David and I were together, he was aghast at how great the gifts were that my mom and dad gave him. It was like they knew just what he wanted! He said this to me later, and I just stared at him. Finally I said, "Yeah, honey. Because I TOLD my mom what you would like." (See? Lists!) (For the record, David's mom does a good job with non-list gifts, based on past experience. She usually gives me something from my favorite brand of make up (Tarte) and pretty jewelry. No complaints!)

Anyway, daydreaming about wish lists is part of the fun as far as I'm concerned. So JUST IN CASE you, dear Reader, would like to buy me (or someone like me!) a Christmas gift, here are a few things that would make my Christmas morning pretty sweet.

Gap pj pants
I got a pair of these last year--I got one for my brother's girlfriend (now my SIL!) and one for myself. I wear mine constantly and would LOVE another pair so I don't have to take a pair off to do laundry. So soft! So comfy! So awesome with slipper booties! (Tip: Don't pay full price! Gap always goes 40% off.)

Be Brave bracelet
I love this bracelet and proceeds support Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss support. I like the gray.

Bluetooth AM/FM radio
OMG if you're wanting to spend more money on me (and I strongly suspect that you are), then I would love to put this little number up in the kitchen and replace the radio/ipod player that fits our old phones and not our new ones. The beige/walnut is my favorite.

Rose Gold Stud Earrings
My taste in jewelry these days is super simplified. I like delicate jewelry and earrings that can't be yanked on by small children. I'd love to have these.

Gold Watch
The clocks on my campus are notoriously unreliable, and I don't want to use my phone as a clock while I'm teaching, so I'm back to wearing a watch everyday. I really like the silver watch I have, which David gave me for Christmas years ago, but I'd love one that dresses up my outfit in gold. (And this one's on sale!)

Gumball Desk Lamp
It's so awesome! It would bring some bling to my office! It would make me happy every day! And its' on sale.

Milk Bottle Measuring Cups
David and I have this little "joke" about how he threw away a set of my measuring cups because he didn't think we needed more than one set and I was SO PISSED (this was like ten years ago; I'm pretty sure I've written about it before--ah, yes, in 2009--and obviously I'm totally over it now and it's a funny joke because hahaha who's upset about an inexpensive set of measuring cups 10 YEARS LATER? Nobody! Certainly not me!). Anyway, this would look freaking adorable sitting out on a shelf in my kitchen, and I'd probably be able to put that old grudge to rest. (Not that I'm still mad about it! I mean, that would be crazy, right?)

Faux Fur Infinity Scarf
For those cold winter days when I'm feeling kind of Anna Karenina.

So there you have it... things I'm wishing for these days.

How do you feel about Christmas wish lists? How old are kids when they start making them? Zuzu hasn't asked for anything except a Frozen lego set that is very expensive and recommended for 6-12 year olds. Not three-year-olds with a short fuse and a one-year-old sister who tried to eat the lid to a chapstick the other day. So... not happening!


  1. I stopped reading right at the "throwing away measuring cups" part. One set is not enough, ever. Unless you have a magical recipe where you have five ingredients, all requiring a different measurement. Because when you are baking, it's way more efficient to have multiple cups so you don't have to wash (and really, really carefully dry) between ingredients. Same thing for liquid measuring cups - always need several.

    Those measuring cups are cute, but the functionality aspect seems suspect. I gotta have form + function in the kitchen, but I'm also weird and you are cool so we'll leave it at that.

    I'm working on my wish list too. You are eighteen steps ahead of me (on everything) so I'm trying not to be jealous.

    1. Oh, no, friend. You have lapped my steps when it comes to cookie decorating.

      And cooking dinner. Which is why form > function in my kitchen!

  2. ROFL!!! Brooke, my husband did the SAME THING... last year when I was working & he was not, he decided to take it upon himself to declutter the kitchen drawers, which, in his opinion, were too overstuffed. Of course, what HE thinks is necessary & I think is necessary are two different things... and some extra measuring cups were among the casualties. I was LIVID when I realized what he'd done. It was one of the biggest fights we've had in a long time. :p (I did cool down a bit when I realized he hadn't actually thrown away my good Tupperware measuring cups & spoons, just moved them to a different place. I am STILL finding stuff that I thought he had thrown out but had just put somewhere else. Grrrrr....)

    We are definitely a wish list family. Although the items on my wish list don't tend to change much from year to year. If there's something I want, I generally just buy it for myself. But I try to restrain myself at this time of year and let someone else do the shopping on my behalf. Hopefully. ;) And we don't stick strictly to the lists either -- if I see something that I'm pretty sure someone will like, I will buy it, and vice versa.

    1. Husbands should never declutter unsupervised. I need to post that rule at my house.

  3. DO you know how long I have been staring at the milk bottle measuring cups from Anthro? I lurvvvvve them.

    1. We should do a gift exchange and buy them for each other.

  4. I totally just searched measuring cups on your blog. It did not disappoint.

    1. OMG excellent. I just added the link for easy reference. :)

  5. We do lists, always! Except Joe doesn't get it either, probably because of his family/background. Every year, my mom asks for ideas. Every year, he says tell her not to get me anything....ugh. Lucas would like every imaginext toy in Target plus some others. No trouble with a list there!

    1. One year my mom bought David a botanical gardens membership. I like when he gets a gift that we all can use. :)

  6. I have the kids do wish lists. One can put whatever one wants on one's wish list. Oh, you want a jet to get you to school faster? Wish for it.

    As my kids get older (the oldest is 15 today -- I AM NOT SOBBING; I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT NOISE IS) the list absolutely helps.

    The measuring cups story is making me hyperventilate. I want those Gap pajama bottoms this instant! But, $44 ain't happening. I need them on sale, then an additional off, because at 35 off now, they're still more than I want to pay for them. (But I waaaaaaaaaaant them.)