Thursday, October 29, 2015

Family Photos

David's school has parent/teacher conferences this week, so between his late nights and my stacks of papers to grade, all's quiet on the blog front.

If you're desperately missing us (and I know you all are), perhaps you'd like to look at our faces. Our favorite local photographer, Katie, met up with us last weekend. She took some snapshots of us in Tower Grove Park and then drove to Forest Park so that we could take some pictures of the girls in front of Eliza's tree (which are precious even though you can tell Coco fell asleep on the way there and cried when we woke her up, and Zuzu had to be bribed to fake smile).

I tried to be really chill, but Coco was kind of crabby and Zuzu wasn't the most cooperative (as evidence, please see my hand white-knuckled on her arm as she tries to fetch an acorn or something out of a creek), but Katie managed to get some great shots. I especially like the one where Zuzu and Coco are colliding and David and I are wincing in the background.

You can look at them here, while I slog away grading papers.


  1. These are adorable!!! <3 <3 <3
    I love some of the b&w ones the most- they are so cute

  2. There are some great shots! Beautiful family. The cringe photo is the best. Keeping it real!

  3. Such a beautiful family. And I love that you took some in front of Eliza's tree. <3

  4. I love the photos! Beautiful and real and so loving!

  5. Love them all! The one of you and Coco while crouching down just melted my heart. The cringe photos and comforting her, simply stunning. Eliza's tree, and capturing Zuzu's personality, very well done!

  6. Oh, these are so cute! :) And I LOVE that you included Eliza with her tree! :)