Friday, October 9, 2015

Conversations with Zuzu

Scene: Talking to Zuzu about the night she was going to stay with Grammy and Bops. I'd explained that she was going to sleep on her cot in Grammy and Bops's bedroom.

Zuzu: What color is Grammy's bed?
Me: It's blue.
Zuzu: What color is Bops's bed?
Me: Blue. He shares with Grammy.
Zuzu: (laughing) No, he sleeps in his chair!


Scene: Pulling into the carport after work/school.

Me: All right, kids, we're home!
Zuzu: Mommy, we're not kids!
Me: You're not kids? Then what are you?
Zuzu: Girls!


Scene: Driving on highway where lanes are shut down and it's under construction. There are several temporary concrete barriers lined up along the side.

Zuzu: Oh, Mommy! Look out your window. That wall is broken. We need someone to fix it. Like a hero!


Scene: In the car, discussing age and growing older.

Zuzu: Now I am three.
Me: And next you will be four. And do you know what you'll be after that?
Zuzu: Yes.
Me: What will you be after you're four?
Zuzu: Seven.


Scene: At dinner. Zuzu is drinking water from a big-girl cup without a lid.

Zuzu: This is my water wine. It's for big kids and babies.


Scene: Telling Zuzu that David will be home later because he's getting a hair cut.

Zuzu: Who is cutting his hair?
Me: I don't know. Probably a nice lady. Or a nice man.
Zuzu: Or a mean lady!


Scene: Zuzu is playing with Coco, I go to kitchen to get a drink, Coco starts seriously crying.

Me: Oh no, Coco! What happened?
Zuzu: (fake sad voice) Poor Coco. I just blasted her with my true love powers.


  1. Poor Coco. Blasted with true love powers. Love hurts, Coco! Love hurts!
    These are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!