Friday, August 28, 2015

It's David's Birf-day!

I asked Zuzu yesterday who was older, Mommy or Daddy.


She said this definitively, absolutely sure of herself.


David is older, thankyouverymuch, and I'm clearly the much younger trophy wife, if you will.

Except the trophy is my brain. Hahahah.

Oh mercy. It's Friday of the longest week EVAH and I'm feeling a little slaphappy.

Speaking of which, I'm celebrating my husband's birthday by going to a happy hour with work colleagues and leaving him to do the whole pick up and pre-dinner hour by himself. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HONEY! Also, Good Luck.

Zuzu and I will be baking him a cake when I get home, though. German chocolate upside down cake, which she will get super excited about and then not actually eat. Her unwillingness to eat sweets will not stop her from raving about how delicious it is, which is one of my favorite things about her: the fact that she doesn't actually like cake or cookies does not stop her from being SUPER enthusiastic about them!

Coco's mysterious viral spots are clearing up. Zuzu was a great sister at the doctor's visit. She turned to the doctor very seriously and said, "We need you to get these spots off of her."

Much to our dismay, the doctor could not get the spots off of her while we were there, but I'm relieved that they are mostly faded and never caused any discernible discomfort or distress. So WEIRD.

There was some distress when Coco somersaulted backwards down four stairs last night. We are hoping it was a "live and learn" moment for her, but I was totally freaked out when I witnessed it happening but couldn't get across the room fast enough to prevent it. Poor little punkin. It's easy to roll down stairs when you're small and round.

Her spill did initiate her into the club, though, because now the entire family has fallen down the stairs at least once. Cooper being the exception to this rule.

I swear we're not especially clumsy. The stairs are kinda narrow and we like to move fast. Fortunately they're carpeted and no one has been seriously injured, aside from our pride and dignity.

(But we all know I don't have much of that left at this point anyway.)

We have some fun things planned for this weekend, so hopefully I'll have something to write about besides how tired I am, how I get too many emails, and how my students need to buy their freaking textbooks already.

(Obviously I am super fun to hang out with right now.)

Before I go, here are some things I want to watch/read/do/buy, but don't have the time or energy to watch/read/do/buy. Maybe in a couple weeks when the madness of the start of the semester has died down but the insanity of midterms has not yet hit?:

The documentary Tig about comedian Tig Natoro and her life after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Euphoria by Lily King and (don't judge) The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan.

Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park (okay--we are planning to try to do this tomorrow).

This shirt dress. So versatile, right? Plus it's cute and nursing friendly!

Anything else I should be watching/reading/doing/buying? Do tell. I need to know how much I'm missing out on by being too tired to function by 8:30pm.


  1. I watched Tig a few weeks ago. I went in with really high expectations because of what I had read about it. It was good but not amazing. My viewing was definitely tainted by baby loss and the feeling that Tig's life was hard but not THAT hard.

    Have you listened to the This American Life podcasts about school desegregation? There were two episodes, but I think the first was better. It's incredibly moving/infuriating/thought-provoking. Definitely not a pick-me-up but worthy of your time.

  2. Claire definitely has done the roll down the stairs action. It was crazy to watch her literally roll down and not fall quite like we would. It's happened twice and always on the fourth step. Weird. Of course she's an expert now, but accidents happen as I can attest to also falling down our stairs. Not carpeted. Bonk.

    Get those spots off. Hahaha. And no cake? Your Zuzu and Caroline's Finn are the weirdest kids I've ever met in my life. Benjamin (and Claire) will happily eat their shares. And maybe that's why B has a cavity. GAH.

  3. Finn is the exact same way with sweets. Always asks for birthday cake/cupcakes when we are at a birthday party and then maybe has one bite, if that, before Meatball and I eat it for him.

    I've head good things about Tig. It's also on my list.

  4. I love the Go Fug Yourself girls.... Please let us know what you think of The Royal We after you read it! (Whenever you get the chance...)