Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I'm kind of craving a real vacation.

The sandy beach and tropical beach version, I mean. One involving a cabana and beach towels (and, magically, no laundry).

I do not have that kind of vacation planned for this summer.

I'm taking the girls to my parents' house for a few days this month, and in July we are all (my parents, David, the girls, and me) DRIVING (in a rented minivan) to Pittsburgh for my brother's wedding.

I know both of these trips will be fun. Or at least "fun." Haha. But probably not exactly relaxing... I'm actually not all that worried about the car trip--we're breaking it up into two chunks, and both of the girls are pretty content car travelers (without screens, though we'll bring the iPad for backup).

The exhausting part will just be the actual vacation part because regular life is kind of exhausting with the two of them anyway. Zuzu will fight napping and want to stay up late, Coco will be up frequently in the middle of the night, and it's not like they are really at a point where they can entertain themselves while I read a novel for an hour. (Although yesterday I did manage to work on my feminist cross stitch project while they played on the patio for thirty minutes--it was kind of awesome.)

But of course my parents will be there to give me a break. They are great at entertaining the girls, although, frankly, Zuzu does tend to be a bit of a pill when they are around to indulge her.

Anyway, since my summer vacations don't sound all that relaxing, I'm thinking ahead... I am squeezing in a weekend at the lake with my girlfriends from college at the end of August, which should be a great way to wrap up the summer.

But I also have a fall break this year, so I wonder if David and I could fit in a short trip somewhere, just the two of us. Will I be ready to be away from the girls by then? I've never been apart from Coco for more than a few hours, and we've left Zuzu just one time--with my parents for two nights just before she turned two when we went to Michigan for a conference I attended. I'm not sure whether I'll be up for it this fall. Honestly, a lot of it probably depends on whether Coco is still nursing.

So... Anyone taking a sweet beach vacation? Can I live vicariously through your IG photos?

And here's a trip from two years ago that wasn't exactly relaxing, but that I'd love to recreate!


  1. No beach vacations here. I'm taking vacation time next month, but we'll be working like crazy on home improvement projects, hoping to list our house before the summer is over. Not exactly a vacation to look forward to...

  2. I'm with ya on wanting (but only day dreaming of) a real vacation. We are going to WI at the end of July, but with kids. And I have to fly there by myself with them. We may do a quick family trip to Florida in early August, and then Miles is gone for three months and I will need a vacation immediately upon his return!

    The Chicago trip - oh they were such BABIES!

  3. Oh I hear you! I am trying to talk Joe into renting a condo on a beach next Mayish, hopefully with my parents (cough babysitters/drivers), after tax season/spring break but before school is out, like the last week of April or first week of May.
    Don't even get me started on Pittsburgh but at least you are going for a wedding so I assume that should keep you busy.
    Good luck with your plans!

  4. I hear you on the need for vacations. They are essential, and long weekend trips don't really allow you to completely relax. I personally need the beach once a year too, and lake beaches don't count for this southern girl.

    I feel pretty lucky this year. We had a really fantastic trip with the girls to Asheville for Spring Break which fulfilled our explorer urges. It was probably the best family non-beach vacation we've had yet. I think that is largely due to their ages now. And in four weeks we'll be at Sanibel Island for eight days. It's the beach I grew up going to each year, and I'm so happy every tie we go back. We know it well enough that it's like a second home. It will satisfy my need for complete unplugging by the ocean. I have the anti-explorer urge at the beach. I don't want to feel like I'm missing out. I just want the sun and sand and the sea.

    Maybe this summer you can start planning a real beach vacation for next year. The girls will be such a good age for it. I love exploring the beach with toddlers and little ones. When the girls were little we often went with family - staying in different condos, but still having extra hands around. There was always an adult happy to sit on the porch while a baby napped, or watching the girls while we went out to dinner. Maybe you can convince your parents to go along with you.

    If you ever need Sanibel tips, I'm happy to share.

  5. I prefer my tropical heat laden vacations in December when it's frozen and I'm emotionally unfit to be human so no vicarious living through me, sorry. Perhaps I'll haul our butts to the river?