Monday, June 22, 2015

Swimming Pool: Like Returning to the Womb

David recently set up a swimming pool on the patio for the girls. And Zuzu is loving it.

This pool is deeper than ones we've had previously, and made of very durable material. It has a cushioned bottomed, which is ideal for sitting on the concrete patio. The sides are so high that we didn't inflate the middle ring, and this allows Zuzu to climb in and out of it on her own, and to splash to her heart's content without soaking everyone sitting around her. It's shaped more like an oval than a circle, which is perfect for the skinny shape of our yard.

We brought it home last summer--the same day we brought home Coco. They were kind of a buy-one-get-one-free deal, you see. Oh--and it was covered by our insurance.

That's right. It's a birthing pool.

I spent most of my labor with Coco in that pool, although she wasn't actually born in it. I hung out in there almost all day, eating orange popsicles and listening to Dar Williams, and then went from 8 centimeters to OMG ready to push during the last 30 minutes that I was in there. My water broke, and then I stepped out of the tub and had the baby. (Right--it was almost that easy.)

Don't worry. We rinsed out all the amniotic fluid.

(But seriously, it had a liner.)

Anyway, if you'd like to come over for a soak in my birthing pool, just let me know. It's very relaxing. I'll put Dar Williams on.

P.S. A year ago I was pregnant with Coco!
Three years ago, Cooper committed his worst offense ever.
Five years ago, (I was pregnant and) I was writing about trunk cruising.


  1. Hey, got to get your money's worth! Love it!

  2. I didn't realize people got to keep those things!

  3. I love this post. I had no idea and then it was revealed and I was totally digging it all. Well done, Brooke. :)

  4. Ha, that's awesome! I love the pic of you with brand new Coco! If Zuzu complains about little sister, you can tell her at least she got a pool out of the deal.

  5. Haha! Great deal for insurance! Not too late to have one more and get some extra use out of it! I'm sure Lucas would love to come swimming in your birthing pool sometime. Matthew not so much. But I'm pretty much done with being outside for the summer. Poor kids. ;)

  6. Ugh, my first comment got eaten.

    I was so confused for a minute... tricky lady. Frances will be thrilled you have your pool set up now. I can't wait to tell her how it spent its first life. Its second life looks pretty fun now that we have SUN!

    Also, this makes me think of the jokes people would make about south city / south county "swimming pools" - you know, like these.

    There's at least one per block in this region.

    You've got the updated version, all homebirth-waterbirth-midwifey-hippiechick version. I love it.

    1. Ha! Those are country-kid pools where I'm from. I loved swimming in the stock tank at my Aunt Tammi's house when I was little! So funny.

  7. Ha! I just showed this to F and she said "So let me get this straight. If I go swimming in there I will birth a baby?"

  8. Zuzu looks so adorable! It seems like she enjoyed the pool so much. Who would've thought that a birthing pool could also be used as a swimming pool for bonding with family and friends? This idea of yours is really great! I hope some of your friends would come and try that pool too. Thanks for sharing this, Brooke! Take care!

    Bernice Cunningham @ Guardian Industries

  9. love your idea of recycling the birthing pool. Zuzu looks so cute and like she is having a great time playing in the water. I'm sure it will last for many years to come and your family will have lots of fun. It also looks like its a nice big pool so they will be able to learn to swim.

    Benton @ Pool Solar & Spa

  10. Love the buy-one-get-one-free joke! Seriously though, it's great that insurance covers birthing pools, something I hadn't known, because it seems like both your children are going to get many years of fun out of it. My daughter also has an inflatable pool, and never tires of it. If I allowed her, she would even use it in the winter too.

    Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools