Friday, June 26, 2015

Party at the Lake

Hanging out with my kid today was weirdly just like partying with my awesomely crazy friend Stephanie in college. It started with her doing sporty outdoor activity and ended with her skinny dipping with cute guys we'd just met. It was basically like watching Steph do spring break all over again. With less tequila. But just as much fun.

It started when David took Zuzu down to the lake to go fishing today. 

At first, she was serious about fishing.

She was surprisingly adept at casting.

And then she met the guys hanging out next door. They had fun music and a cute dog. And they were friendly. So, naturally, she invited herself to their party. (A classic Stephanie move.) They were having a "liquid picnic."

Oh, and somewhere along the line, Zuzu lost her top. (These things happen. Or so I hear.)

And once she'd taken off her shirt, she was having so much fun that one thing led to another...


(All adults remained clothed. Probably because Stephanie wasn't here.)

Here's to partying like Steph this weekend. Or like my toddler. Makes the lake way more fun.