Friday, May 22, 2015

Conversations with Zuzu

From the month of May...

SceneLying in bed. I've been reading to Zuzu and now I'm reading my own book.

Zuzu: Mommy, I want you to read to me.

Me: I'm reading my book. You read your book.

Zuzu: I can't! I don't know my words.


SceneIn the basement, playing with Coco. 

Zuzu: Coco, are you going to make a choice to come over here? Or is Zuzu going to have to come get you? Make a choice!

* * *

SceneDavid gets off the phone with his grandma and tells me that his mom has broken her arm.

Zuzu: (very concerned) How Grandma Connie break her arm off?


Zuzu: Grandma Connie trip over her sister and break her arm off.

* * *

SceneZuzu has selected bandaids as her prize from the peepee (now poopoo) prize box.

David: I'm going to put the rest of these bandaids back in the peepee prize box.

Zuzu: No, Zuzu want to keep them with her.

David: Well, you can keep these (gestures to the three in her hand), but I'm going to put these back.

Zuzu: Daddy, please don't stress me out.

* * *

ScenePlaying in the backyard. Zuzu got her clothes wet and took them off.

David: Go inside and put on clothes.

Zuzu: No! I no want to wear clothes.

David: Well, have Mama help you put on your swimsuit then.

Zuzu: No! I want to be a stinker.

* * *
ScenePlaying on the patio with Coco and a Minnie Mouse doll. Zuzu pushes Coco over. I run to comfort Coco, David lectures Zuzu that it is not okay to push over her sister.

Zuzu: Minnie did it!

(David and I exchange alarmed looks as we wonder about sociopath behavior in toddlers and lying)


Scene: Zuzu is riding her scooter, Minnie is lying in her path.

Zuzu: Minnie won't let me pass!

Me: Minnie is being naughty tonight.

Zuzu: (giggles) Yes!

David: You should put her in timeout.

Zuzu: (hops off scooter, picks up Minnie, puts her in chair next to David) You sit here in time out.

David: No talking, Minnie.

Zuzu: No talking! You just sit here and cry.


  1. Oh the Minnie ones are my favorite!!

    I'm not sure if I shared this on a previous comment so if I did just ignore it but remembering it makes me laugh/cringe and applies here I think.

    Scene: I walk by G's room as she's playing with her stuffed animals.
    G:That's it!! You're going to CHURCH!!
    Me: Ummm wha...? What do you know about church? You've never been, and why are you saying it so menacingly?!
    G: I have to been to church! Aunt Sherri was DEAD there!
    Me: Ack! Why are you sending your animals to church then?
    G: They're being bad.

    So my kid uses church as a threat of death for her stuffed animals apparently. Nothing wrong here. Keep moving.

  2. Lol, don't stress me out! Out of the mouths of babes. So funny!

  3. Oh zuzu, you are such a fabulous stinker.

  4. Stress me out. Hah. Glad to know Zuzu also pushes her little sister over. B is an expert at that shit behavior. Grumble...

  5. Don't stress me out?! You couldn't make this stuff up!