Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In Which We Ruin Otherwise Lovely Photos of Flowers and Chickens

We took the girls to the Botanical Gardens on Easter. It was such a lovely day and things were blooming and I thought that we'd take lots of charming pictures of the girls in front of flowers. David took most of the pictures (no comment) and I thought that we would have several really good snapshots. I mean seriously, we must have taken like 300 photos. These are the best of the bunch. I wish I were kidding.

On the upside, I was pleasantly surprised by how many lovely flowers were already blooming, and it was really such a nice day to be there (just a little chilly in the morning, but a perfect opportunity for Zuzu to wear a little Easter sweater I'd picked up for her at a resale shop) and--as long as you weren't trying to dine in their restaurants--it wasn't at all crowded.

I climbed with and chased Zuzu in the Children's Garden and it was so nice to not be pregnant and to be able to keep up with her. Last summer I felt so hot and heavy and slow, but on Sunday I was able to go across the rope bridges and duck into the corners of the little cave.

I swear Coco had more fun than it looks like she's having. Zuzu was obviously too busy to pose for photos. I don't love that David and I have sunglasses on in all the photos, but I also don't like squinting. It was still a beautiful day at the gardens, though.

Skipping along, but refusing to look toward the camera.

Seriously, Coco? Is it really that bad?

They're both looking in the same direction. This is as good as it's going to get.

Pensive baby, face oddly shadowed. Flowers are pretty!

Not looking!

Happy baby tongue.

Mama and Coco. Took about 50 photos to get this one.

This basically sums up the reality of the photo session.
Close up on the sweater. Isn't it sweet?
Coco is so over us.
Close up on Coco's face. That lip!
Oh, hai, baby. Thanks for the wave.

Running away at the Children's Garden. Not pictured: meltdown when it was time to leave.

After the gardens, we headed back home to have lunch. We were already late for nap time, so we decided to skip it and had another Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Then we busted out the new chickens.

The old chickens are alive and well, but no longer laying for us because they are lazy bitchez. So they are going to retirement on a farm owned by one of the teachers at David's school (that's not a euphemism).

Easter egg hunt at home.

Singing to the chickens. Like ya do.

Grandma Peppa shows Zuzu how to pick up a chik'n

Making chik'n friends

I don't think I'll ever get the perfect, smiling-yet-candid shots that I envision when I try to do these little photo sessions of and with the girls. But even with the drama, the pouting, and the singing, I love that we are able to capture a little bit of who they are right now.


  1. Hysterical over here. The pouty lips, the picture of you trying to wrangle Zuzu in. Her singing to the chickens. Seriously, it's better than taking 300 good ones to be able to laugh my bum off about your hilarious shots. Those flowers are totally gorgeous! Also, why the heck is STL so much warmer than Chicago? For reals, you're 4.5 hours away. This is the suck over here with these cold temps!

  2. Oh their outfits are just so sweet.

    This is why you and I are in the same boat about paying for pictures. Because professionals are freaking magicians when it comes to kids. Or at least there's photoshop...

  3. I, too had an Easter weekend of photo fails. Of me wanting to soak up the moments and relish and her having very different ideas.

    Good thing they are so cute.

  4. Your girls are beautiful! I love those photos - what treasures.