Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Egging

We had a really low-key Easter, but it was really the most fun. Zuzu was really into it--even more than she was into Christmas.

And my heart is a lot lighter at Easter than it is as Christmas, so it was easy for us to get excited, too.

Coming at the end of spring break didn't hurt, as the week was pretty relaxing overall. David's grandma was in town and we fit in some fun activities and some downtime.

Thursday was rainy, so we made a trip to Central Library and Zuzu got her very own library card!

On Friday we went to the science center. We didn't think about the fact that it was Good Friday and all the schools would be out. It was way too crowded for my taste, particularly because Zuzu didn't want to hold hands with anyone. She stayed pretty close, but it was such a zoo as we tried to navigate with Coco in the stroller. We did run into another St. Louis blogger who recognized Zuzu from my IG feed, so that was fun, but I was more than ready to go after about an hour. Still, Zuzu seemed to really enjoy herself, even if she was too little for a lot of the displays and activities.

Helped Daddy build the arch!
On Saturday, David decided he wanted to add more landscaping bricks around his garden in the backyard, so he and Zuzu made a trip to Home Depot. It turned out that Home Depot was having an Easter egg hunt, but there were very few people there, so David told Zuzu she could pick up six eggs. They gave her a bucket and she gathered her eggs and when she got home, she was still SO EXCITED about it. It was really adorable.

He had to make another trip back to Home Depot for the second load of bricks and his grandma decided to ride along, so she and Zuzu walked around and an employee told Zuzu she could pick up Easter eggs (she was still carrying her bucket from the first trip). Gma explained that Zuzu's dad had told her she already had a turn and wasn't to pick up any more eggs, but the lady said Zuzu could pick up as many as she wanted.

You better believe she FILLED that bucket!

We don't let her have bubblegum or jawbreakers, but she got plenty of Skittles and Starburst, so she was pretty freaking happy. She did try a piece of chocolate and then spit it out and said, "I don't like clock-clot!"

At bedtime on Saturday, she was so excited about the Easter Bunny coming to our house and hiding eggs that she had a hard time settling down. She was super excited to find eggs when she woke up in the morning.

She spotted an egg the Easter bunny had hidden near the fireplace
She and David put out a carrot for the Easter Bunny and she was delighted to see the bunny had nibbled on it!

Her Easter basket contained an Elsa dress, a doctor kit, a Mr. Pencil (that goes with an iPad app), some bubbles, a book with the characters from Frozen and a pair of shorts. No candy! I did put Skittles and yogurt covered raisins in her Easter eggs, though. She probably would have been more excited if they'd contained berries.

I actually had more things for Zuzu's basket, but I transferred them to the PeePee Prize Box.

(She has collected a few prizes--but far fewer than she should have. I'm going to leave it at that.)

(I wish I got a prize for peeing, although Zuzu's positive reinforcement is quite charming: "Good job, Mommy! You peepee on the potty!")

Coco's Easter basket had a swim suit and sunglasses, a book, Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs?, pacifiers, and bubbles. She was pretty fascinated by the empty Easter eggs, though.

My parents gave the girls some Minnie Mouse pots and pans and utensils for the play kitchen, and their adorable Easter sleepwear.

After the excitement of the baskets and the egg hunt, we ate homemade cinnamon rolls and had a fun morning with David's grandma.

The weather was so beautiful we decided to take the girls to the Botanical Gardens. More on that (and photos) to follow later.

I'm loving the girls at these ages. They can really test my patience, but they can also be so, so sweet. I feel very lucky to be their mama, and so glad we had an easy going break and a very happy Easter.

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  1. "I don't like clock-clot", bahahaa! Love how she says it and definitely not related to me, as a bonafide member of the Chocolate Is Most Definitely A Food Group club.
    And favorite pic here, the awed face to the Bunny's Easter fireplace egg placement

  2. I just spent 45 minutes reading "Preparing for Peanut" and i have a mom crush on her.

    Also, your kids are so darn cute in their Easter PJs. I love how Home Depot hooked Zuzu up!

  3. Benjamin will take all her chock-clot and give up all those Skittles. ;)