Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Around My House

In my fridge you'll always find:
Organic whole milk, cheese, and fruit 

Favorite family recipe:
Grandma Vance's chocolate waffles 

Favorite junk food:
Movie theatre popcorn

I'll do anything to avoid:
Grading papers!

My secret cleaning weapon is:
Vinegar and water (nontoxic, cleans everything, and I actually like the smell!)

Before company arrives, I hide:
Kiddie toys and the pile of mail on my desk

I love to shop for:
clothes for the girls

I hate to shop for:
Jeans for myself

Bad habit:
Procrastinating on grading 

I just learned:
Peaches are the ovaries of the tree. (This came up in a discussion of T. S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" when a biology major in my class was commenting on whether or not Prufrock would eat the peach.)

Stuff I can't live without:
Burts Bees lip balm, nursing tanks, girlfriends, and the power of reverse psychology on stubborn two-year-olds

Weird housekeeping compulsion:
I always keep the toilet lids down when not in use. I got a massage one time at a crunchy/hippy spa and they had a sign in the bathroom asking people to put the lid down after use because it helped with feng shui. I don't know much about feng shui, but I figure it can't hurt and now it's a thing--it drives me crazy if the lid is up.

On bed making:
I love when the bed is made. It feels soooo much better to be in a room with a made bed, and better to climb into those sheets at night. And it only takes about 45 seconds to yank up the duvet and toss pillows on top! But if Coco is having a clingy morning, I'd rather skip making the bed than put her down and make her cry for 45 seconds. So basically her moods decide whether our bed gets made or not.

Personal motto/mantra:
Be grateful.

I wish I could tell my younger self:
Chill the eff out.

Do you put down the lid to the toilet? Do you let your baby dictate whether or not you make the bed? What's always in your fridge? What advice would you give your younger self? Spill it.


  1. We have an ongoing battle about the toilet lid. I tend to let it slam down whenever I walk into the bathroom and it is up, a not so subtle passive aggressive argh!
    My fridge always has milk, eggs, at least five varieties of cheese, tortillas, half and half, oj, fruit and veggies.
    Advice is to not care so much about what others think about me. I could still use this advice. :)

  2. I do know what the toilet lid thing is about! It's to keep money from "flushing down the toilet". Our toilets are in a very inauspicious place in the house - right in the middle. So we're supposed to keep ours down too, to try and minimize the damage of our poorly placed toilets. ;))

    1. Hmmm. That must be why we've gotten so rich! Oh, wait... ;)

  3. It actually annoys the pants off me (pun intended) when someone puts the lid down at work! I'm just not used to the lid being down, I guess!

    1. I actually agree with you about toilets at work--in a public place I don't really want to touch the toilet lid!

  4. Public toilets should not have lids, period. It's not sanitary. Commercial toilets don't have lids, so if there's a residential type toilet in a public place the lid should stay up. But yes, at home, down is the only way in our house. We have Toto toilets with the soft close lids and I LOVE them more than I should. No slamming.

    I hate shopping for bathing suits. No one ever looks good in a bathing suit in a dressing room. It's depressing.

    In my fridge you'll always find leftovers. Which answers that other question - things I can't live without: leftovers.

  5. Fridge: ketchup, beer, Organic milk, string cheese (thanks Costco :))
    Toilets: pet peeve of mine too...not sure when it started. Luckily my hubby is a seat down kind of guy :)

  6. Blogger ate my comment before, so apologies if you are getting this twice (or not at all it seems lately with my comments and blogs - I hate you, blogger!). Anyway:

    Totally put the lid down. How else do the germs stay in!? (I know, I know - doesn't really work that way, but still - gross).

    My laziness dictates if the bed gets made. When Miles is deployed it's never made. When he's home, I like to pretend I'm productive and it's made more often.

    We always have eggs, spinach, and whole milk for the kiddos, almond for me.

    Practice better posture, travel more, read more.

  7. In the fridge? Not much at the moment (sigh) but usually spinach, almond & whole milk, yogurt and chicken.

    I hate shopping for groceries (see above).

    Stuff I can't live without: Neostrata products, pedicures and my gym membership.

    Advice? Probably wouldn't have listened anyway. Note to self: work on your listening skills.

  8. I wound up doing my own post: :)

    Lid usually goes down, but stays up during the night. One less thing to worry about when I'm half asleep, lol.

  9. My bed is made EVERY day. Something about the house being aware of being untidy Buddha craziness that absolutely makes sense to me. Ooommmm. I am indifferent about the toilet lid. I have no clue about my fridge and dear lord my poor younger self. I want to cuddle her. And also smack her for picking up that first cigarette. I miss smoking.