Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Breaking

We are on Week Day 2 of Spring Break and it's been a pretty good one so far.

Today, for example, David and I had a "date day." I hear people talk about "stay-cations" and I kind of roll my eyes at the idea, but today we did it and it. was. awesome.

We slept in (as late as you can sleep in with a baby and a toddler) then took the kids to daycare and went to the art museum. We wandered around and I made David play my hypothetical games: "Which of these paintings would you put in our house?" "Which of these artists would you want to paint our family portrait?"

We went out to lunch at a little vegetarian eatery that is my new FAVORITE restaurant and I plan to return there as soon as possible. Maybe this weekend.

We wandered down the street from the lunch place and ordered gelato and sat outside soaking up the sunshine and eating gelato.

And then we went to the grocery store and bought Easter egg filler (yogurt covered raisins and fruit snacks for our child who is missing a sweet tooth) and beer and pancake mix. We forgot milk.

We came home and hung up frames in the big girl room and our bedroom and the nursery (since some of the nursery art work moved with Zuzu to the big girl room) and then I picked up the girls from daycare and dropped them at home and David hung out with them on the patio while I ran back to the grocery store to get milk.

I've also managed to attack my reading list. I graded essays the first day of break, and I still have a bunch of exams to grade, but I'm also (finally) doing some reading. I read Citizen by Claudia Rankine and texted my BFF from high school and told her she absolutely MUST order it and read it right this second because it was taking my breath away as I read it. (She did order it. And a copy for her sister. I love that about her.)

I also raced through the thriller The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It was intense. I figured it out before the end, but I still liked it enough to finish reading it under the covers with the flashlight on my iphone because David was whining about the lamp being on. [Edited to add: This book involves a dead baby. It isn't central to the story, but it's definitely disturbing. I mean, the whole book is somewhat disturbing, but if that's a trigger for you, skip it.]

As far as thrillers go, I think I liked The Farm by Tom Rob Smith even more. Creepy and intriguing and a cool narrative set up. I basically neglected my family to finish it, which is the sign of a great book.

Speaking of the family: Coco has started crawling, which is exciting and also exhausting (for me, not her!). She's a week shy of eight months old and is on the move about six weeks younger than Zuzu was when she crawled (Zuzu started crawling Easter weekend two years ago!).

She spoiled us last weekend by sleeping through the night two nights in a row. She's continued to do pretty well since then, but still wakes up once or twice. I almost think it would have been better if she'd never teased me by sleeping all the way through at all. She really is the sweetest thing, though.

We've had some issues with Zuzu pushing Coco over onto her back from a sitting position. She's never hurt Coco, though obviously it could bang her head, but it does infuriate Coco (and me, because Zuzu KNOWS she's not supposed to do it). When Coco cries, Zuzu then tries to dramatically cradle her in her arms and whisper words of comfort. It's become clear that she's still acting out the early scene in Frozen when Elsa hurts Anna and then cradles her sister and says something like, "It was an accident!"

This imaginary play is really adorable, but I also feel compelled to keep poor Coco from being the victim every time.

I've finally decided that I'm going to keep hurting my back until (1) I quit lifting small children or (2) I get my core back in shape. So now I'm doing daily core workouts. It makes me remember my grad school days when I paid the student rate to attend Pilates classes once or twice a week and I thought holding a plank pose for one minute was NO BIG DEAL. Ha. I'm hoping that muscle memory is a real thing and my ab muscles start to remember that they once existed.

Okay. Should we talk about potty training? We had two full days of ZERO success (I mean nada, nothing, not even once, unless you count the time I caught her in the act and she peed down my leg on the way to the toilet but then was still going when I sat her on the toilet so... she halfway made it? But I had to change my pants and hers, so not really a win.). I was ready to just give up. Instead, we decided to chill out as best we could. Instead of making it an all or nothing thing, we're just trying to make it work and using diapers when necessary for our sanity.

Tonight, we were in the back room and she came walking in carrying her Thomas the Train potty chair (it lives in the bathroom, where potty chairs belong). She was already in her pajamas and night-time diaper. We asked what she was doing. She said nothing to us, set the potty down on the floor next to me, pulled down her pants, removed her night-time diaper, sat down and peed in the potty.


She got three Skittles and a prize from the Peepee Prize Box--she selected sunglasses.

The problem is that now that she's demonstrated how capable she is, I will feel even MORE frustrated when she refuses to go to the potty tomorrow. But I'm trying to remember this is a process. A process that requires lots of laundry and plenty of wine.

Aside from failing at potty training, reading novels, cursing doing core workouts, and going on day dates while my children are being cared for by others, I also got a massage yesterday. So what I'm saying is spring break has had its ups and downs, but the ups have been pretty great.


  1. It is really good to see you happy. Amazing photos and I like your way to spend quality time with t\your family.

  2. Oh my goodness! When did Zuzu's hair turn so reddish? So adorable! And Colette is adorable! Yay for date days! I am glad you are having a good spring break.

    Coco will learn to fight back and hold her own soon enough! I don't remember the days when my kids didn't smack each other around (haha I think I have blocked out the 6 months of having 2 kids under 2), but I do know that they instigate it quite equally these days, and I usually only intervene if they get too crazy. One hits, the other hits back, then they both move on and go back to playing..meh, not worth the energy. lol

    I would try not to even mention the potty at all and see if she does it again on her own. Does she dislike being wet/messy? With Luke, right after he turned 3, I told him I was done buying diapers so he would have to pee in the potty if he didn't want to be wet all the time (which he hated). He was like "ok" and started using it...

    Hope the rest of your spring break is as fun and relaxing as your date day!

  3. I somehow failed to realize the girls weren't with you on your date until you mentioned picking them up from daycare. I was amazed that you felt like it was a date with the kids in tow, thinking I could never handle that, then delighted when I realized NO, you guys partied while they were at daycare! Well played... Another reason why I should probably have been a mom who works outside the home! And thanks for the book recommendations!! Your taste never disappoints!

  4. Also, I guess that was Zuzu's super subtle announcement that she's now ready to take it to the next level?!? She is hilarious.

  5. Now you have me torn about The Girl on the Train. I'm supposed to be reading it for my book group. Greg read it and was disturbed by something baby-related. It literally kept him awake all night, so I was going to skip the book. But whatever that something was didn't bother you. Hmm....

    Also, you've done a lot for only being two days in to your vacation!

  6. Right there with you in the potty trenches. I have loved all of those books. CITIZEN! OH MY GOD! I read it in my office for a book committee I am on, and it was lovely. And The Farm! I read it at the pool and ignored my 2 big kids for a dangerous couple of hours-- amazing. I am getting a massage today. Because of the potty training.

  7. You and David have gorgeous teeth. ;)

    I'd like to drop my children off with others and go on a day date. I'm totally jealous. But that day date would be solo because my husband is not in education. Damn.

    The potty. Seriously, these little monsters are maddening, yes? She clearly knows. It's all about when SHE wants. There's probably no amount of Skittles that will coax her into being regular at it until she's put that in her schedule herself. Hoping soon. For all things good.

  8. Staycations can be great! Glad you enjoyed yours! I hope Zuzu has more success on the potty!!